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Almost all of us had chased after butterflies during our childhood, now let us hold and wear them, in reality, and cherish back those memories. So we bring you our delicate fluttering Butterfly Collection that has a hint of sparkle and lightness. The range includes rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

There is no doubt why our butterfly jewellery is a hot trend right now. Wearing these pieces will surely raise a doubt amongst people for a real butterfly sitting on your body. The finely crafted butterfly design with a slender body and elegantly designed wings make them a perfect pick for every occasion. The sparkle of Cubic Zirconia stones lends them an extra gorgeous look. These exquisite pieces of butterfly-themed jewellery always have something to convey around. Whether you’re nine-to-fiver or a young student, they will never fail to pull attention. You can also create your stunning butterfly jewellery set by pairing two or more pieces together from our incredibly versatile collection. Apart from dainty pieces, we also have some oversized statement pieces like antique gold haram for women, gold bangles, oversized earrings and so forth.

Explore Types of Jewellery having Butterfly Design

Our artisans took inspiration from tiny colourful butterflies to create contemporary pieces with a touch of luxury and glamour. And that's how our chic Butterfly Collection came into existence.   

The range contains:

Butterfly Design Pendant

Catch these little butterflies before they flutter off. Keep it casual with our adorable butterfly design pendants, as the smaller pieces pack for a bigger blow. Accompanied by the dazzling shine of Cubic Zirconia, these butterfly jewellery designs are meant to compliment all the gold chains for women available in our stock. Go for our charming butterfly pendant for an exquisite addition to your trendy jewellery collection. Wear them with your modern dresses and rock the show.

Butterfly Design Bracelet

The bracelet from our Butterfly Collection can prove to be a head-turner for you because of the charm it carries. It features four colourful butterflies on a sleek chain. Multiple cubic zirconias embellish the butterflies offering them a stunning appearance. Use this inspired wrist piece as a finishing touch to any special occasion outfit. 

Butterfly Design Earrings

Butterfly design jewellery like earrings is best for those who love to make a style statement without overwhelming things. A simple yet exquisite design! The entire collection of our butterfly earrings is made of 14K gold with glimmering CZ stones lining the butterfly's body, providing that extra shine. These are versatile pieces suitable for daily wear, considering their simple and elegant design. The best part is, you can pull them off with anything at any age. Studs are the most popular type of earrings girls like to wear, and thus, a butterfly design stud can be a beautiful gift for a woman. Suppose you are a fan of earrings that practically fall from the ears down towards the neck. In that case, 14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Hangings is just the thing for you.

Butterfly Design Rings

Butterfly design rings are sleek and provide a perfect glamour to your pretty looking fingers. We have rings in different styles, sizes, and even metal colours. Other than regular rings, there are open rings, double-layered rings designed with minute details to make you flaunt off ultimate beauty. These rings have a small butterfly sitting on them adorned with an array of shimmering Cubic Zirconia.  

In a nutshell, our bright and brilliant Butterfly Collection is designed to give you butterflies in your stomach

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Our designing team has combined modern-day panache to create elegant pieces from 14K gold and shimmering Cubic Zirconia stones for Butterfly Collection. The jewellery pieces here oozes style and class. Butterfly jewellery gold is a style staple, which will elevate any look in no time. Here are advantages you can get by shopping beautiful butterfly collections with us at Vaibhav Jewellers

Free 15 day return policy

Let's say you received your butterfly jewellery in gold, and you are happy until you see a little mistake. If you are dissatisfied with your product in any way, we have a free 15-day return policy so you can return it for free within 15 days of your purchase.

EMI Facility

If you have found your perfect match but cannot afford it due to your budget, then our EMI Facility is the thing for you. Instead of paying off the total price of your jewellery, we can divide the cost into affordable monthly payments so you can afford them.