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Diamond Jewellery for Women

Stunning & Sparkling Diamond Jewellery Designs for Women - Vaibhav Jewellers

Each person has a unique perspective on what a piece of diamond jewelry means to them. Many see it as just another piece of accessory; for others, it is an essential part of their identity.

Is there a reason why couples are so attached to their diamond rings? The ring symbolically represents a lifetime of connection. There are other diamond jewelry sets that you don't wear daily and keep for special occasions and gatherings.

Many partygoers agree that dressing up for a party is one of their favorite things about attending one. It doesn't matter if the party is over or not if people are still complimenting your outfit. To be noticed, you must keep up with the current diamond trends when getting dressed for a party. Likewise, diamond jewelry designs for everyday wear should be fashionable and comfy so that you can happily wear them for long periods.

Gorgeous diamond-studded jewelry transforms every piece of clothing into a work of art in a flash. Because diamonds are so adaptable, a few Vaibhav Jewellers diamond jewelry items in your own collection will keep you stress-free when it comes to finding the proper accent for your attire. Whether you're looking for diamond bracelets, necklaces, rings, or bangles, we've got it all here. A few mouse clicks will help you buy diamond jewelry online from us. We've organized everything from the diamond jewelry price to the weight for your convenience.

Do diamond daily!

Understand your Diamonds


Diamond carat weight or Diamond Size is measured in “CARAT (ct.)” 1 Carat (ct.) = 200 milligram = 0.20 gram. Each Carat (ct.) is divided into 100 points. A diamond with 0.90 ct. can be referred to as 90 points diamonds or 90 pointers.


It refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond. These inclusions and blemishes are the various impurities that may get trapped in the diamond during the natural process of crystallization. Diamonds with the slightest and smallest impurities attain a higher CLARITY grade. Labs grades diamond CLARITY as –

  • Fl (Flawless)
  • IF (Internally Flawless)
  • VVS1 (Very very slightly included – 1st Degree)
  • VVS2 (Very very slightly included – 2nd Degrees)
  • VS1 (Very slightly included – 1st Degree)
  • VS2 (Very slightly included – 2nd Degrees)
  • SI1 (Slightly Included – 1st Degree)
  • SI2 (Slightly included – 2nd Degrees)


It is the second most important of 4Cs as visually, a diamond’s cut is noticed. Most of the lab-grade diamond color ranges from D (colorless) to Z (heavily tinted) to measure the degree of colorlessness. Most of the online stores would promote diamonds with color grades of K and above. (D to K)


It is the king of 4CS. Diamond cut is all about, how the diamond is cut in terms of proportions, symmetry, and polish. The diamond cut determines how the diamond will perform. The brilliance, fire, and scintillation which you see in your diamond ring are all related to the way the diamond is cut. Cut of the diamond may increase or decrease its overall value.


Apart from the round brilliant cut, consumers also prefer alternative diamond shapes as listed below. No matter what shape you select, it’s a matter of personal choice. One differentiating factor between choosing the shapes can be the reflection of light, as the shape of diamonds also determines how the diamond would return the light which will lead to its overall performance. Ideal round brilliant cut diamonds do carry a slightly upper edge with more brilliance, fire, and scintillation than other shapes, due to maximum light return. One should not confuse the diamond shapes with Diamond Cut in 4Cs.

Types of Diamond Jewellery @ Vaibhav

Vaibhav Jewellers offers a fusion of diamond Jewellery varieties. Apart from traditional diamond Jewellery like diamond studs, diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond bangles, we offer a host of products like Vanki, Diamond Vaddanam, Haram, Diamond Necklaces, Choker, Pendants in diamonds. In the olden days, there were not many variations in diamond Jewellery, but with changing customers’ tastes and preferences Jewellery designers have come up with different design variations to suit the current times.

Lightweight Diamond Jewellery:

The lightweight diamond Jewellery is very sleek, stylish, and subtle apt for daily wear as well as for office wear. This is the first choice for millennials. There are hundreds of lightweight diamond jewelry designs available online at www.vaibhavjewellers.com in varying weight and price ranges. These lightweight Jewellery are ideally made in 18K gold, this is what makes them light.

Uncut diamond Jewellery:

Famously called the Polkis, uncut diamond Jewellery is a rage among women of all age groups. They are diamonds that have not undergone the process of cuttings and polishing stage and hence the name. They are equivalent to diamonds, differ in their shine and price. Uncut diamond ornaments are preferred for bridal Jewellery currently for their glitter and design pattern, also since they are a close match to diamonds. Uncut diamond price in India is largely unpredictable due to mixed reasons, one being that it is two stages away from being a pure diamond, second because of international price fluctuations, and lastly based on the usage of uncut diamonds in a particular item.

Buying Diamonds

Buying diamond Jewellery in India is always surrounded by certain factors such as price, authenticity, certification and a few of us also have religious elements where it is believed that diamonds do not suit a certain type of birth stars and zodiac signs. Hence, it is wise to buy diamond Jewellery from a trusted Jeweller like Vaibhav where you have access to a free gemological review on request, SGI certification for your diamonds, desired weight ranges, and affordable prices.

Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs Online

Buying diamond Jewellery the traditional way by going to a retail Jewellery store is no longer required. All thanks to online shopping- online diamond Jewellery shopping is no exception. While there are few reservations on buying diamond Jewellery online for some people, these can be very well addressed with Vaibhav Jewellers. You can view a range of refreshing diamond Jewellery designs online and select, pay and ship to an address of your choice.

Following myths surround we are buying diamond Jewellery online:

#Myth 1: No guarantee of Diamonds

Be rest assured that all diamonds come with a certificate of authentication from SGL (Solitaire Gemological Laboratories). A third-party diamond authentication issues the clarity and grade of the diamonds used in the Jewellery along with a picture of the item.

#Myth 2: Diamond Jewellery is 18K

The reason behind using 18K gold while making diamond Jewellery is to set the diamond firmly inside the gold. Since gold is a very malleable metal, to make it firm a higher percentage of other alloys are used instead of gold to make it firm for the diamond to set in. However, not all diamond Jewellery is 18K. The customer is made aware of this difference in gold karatage at the time of purchase and is billed accordingly.

Best Bridal Diamond Jewellery Designs

Vaibhav Jewellers has been an exclusive Jeweller for generations of customers and has been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings. At our online portal, you can view gold and diamond jewelry with the price. While you view Diamond Jeweller's price, it gives you a fair idea to compare with peers too. You can find the latest bridal Diamond Jewellery online. Alternatively, if you wish to customize you can search for diamond Jewellery online in India and find designs that you can make to order with us.

Vaibhav Jewellers - Customised Gold & Diamond Jewellery Experts

Buying diamond Jewellery online can be difficult but we at Vaibhav make it easy with the best diamonds jewelry customizations. You can now choose to customize gold and diamond Jewellery with us. One can also reach our Jewellery experts for seeking advice on the design, workmanship, and carat-related queries before you decide to buy diamond Jewellery online.

Modern Diamond Jewellery Catalogue

Once you decide to buy a diamond Jeweller set, you can request to reach our Jewellery experts to view the latest diamond Jewellery images. You can also walk into a nearby store to have a look at the diamond jewelry designs catalog or request one to be sent by mail. The catalog models can be made to order and customized too. If you have time in hand you can also avail a smart buy option where a manufacturer's discount of up to 7 % is applicable on your order.

Diamond Jewellery Price and Weight

Buying perfect diamond jewelry online is now a few steps away. Our online portal is transparently built portraying a range of gold and diamond Jewellery with the price. All the diamond Jewellery designs listed on the portal have a detailed price break up, diamond details, weight, carat, and certification details. Our diamond Jewellery online ranges from simple nose pins to design populated bridal necklace sets, from studs to diamond harams- you can find a versatile collection all under one umbrella.

Why buying Diamond Jewellery @ Vaibhav an advantage

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us, we are a 360-degree Jewellery mall having a retail presence of 55,000sqft spanning across coastal Andhra and Telangana. Our 13 stores have been catering to the needs of lakhs of customers since 1994. We have many accolades to our credit for quality and innovation in the Jewellery industry. Buy diamond Jewellery online in different workmanships, weight, and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond sets, bridal diamond Jewellery.

Vaibhav also offers an array of benefits to customers such as:

  • Lifetime exchange
  • Free 15-day return policy
  • State of art Live Video Shopping
  • Free transit insurance on International Shipments
  • Free Domestic shipping
  • Customization services
  • EMI Facility
  • Smart Buy options


How to buy diamond jewelry online?

Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the best sites for buying diamond jewelry online. Every occasion, style, and price is covered here. You can now browse our vast selection without leaving your house. By signing in to our website, you can view our online catalog.

Where to find the latest diamond jewelry designs?

At Vaibhav Jewellers. Our proficient designers keep up with current trends. Whether you browse in person or online, you'll find numerous latest diamond jewelry designs in our catalog.

What is Polki diamond jewelry?

Polki is uncut diamonds in their natural state. Unlike other diamonds, Polki is not chemically treated. Rustic in appearance, it lacks a distinct color. It is incredibly costly since it is one of the purest kinds of diamonds on the market.  Polki diamond jewelry is no exception.

Diamond jewelry, do they come with insurance?

On diamond jewelry purchases, several jewelers are now giving complimentary insurance coverage to their consumers. Your jeweler should be able to tell you if the item you purchased was insured. You can also secure your diamond jewelry by purchasing jewelry insurance separately.

What are the benefits of diamond jewelry insurance?

Since the nomenclature is brand-specific, it is hard to generalize. Specific bank lockers have a safe deposit box for storing jewelry protected from theft, accidental loss, burglary, or damage. Along with jewelry stored in a safe, specific insurance policies cover the loss or damage to personal jewelry. In most cases, the amount of jewelry that may be insured is capped at a certain amount. Certain plans provide a separate all-risk insurance policy for high pieces like diamond jewelry, allowing you to choose a suitable sum insured.

How to find certified diamond jewelry on your website?

SGL and IGIA certifications are included in every piece of diamond jewelry provided by Vaibhav Jewellers. Thus you do not need to worry about the quality of your favorite diamond piece.