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Diamond Bangles

Statement worthy Diamond Bangles for the Beautiful You

Well-styled clothing may be made much better with the right accessories. You don't need to wear a massive amount of jewellery, but a few statement pieces would be a great addition to your ensemble. As for accessories, diamond bangles caught our eye.

These are a must-have for any woman. Wear a single diamond bangle to flaunt off your status, or mix your other jewellery with a few diamond bangles of your choosing that will highlight your wrist.

For women, Vaibhav Jewellers provides a vast selection of diamond bangles to choose from. There are over 80 different bangle styles to choose from on our website. For every event, these pieces of jewellery are a great choice. We have wrist adornments in our stock ranging from 5 to 90 grams in weight. Our bangle price starts from ₹68,000. For a more luxurious look, we have enormous diamond-studded bangles that cost around ₹1,240,000.00.

Now you can buy bangles online directly from our website with a few clicks. Whether you're dressing up or down, our diamond bangles and diamond Kadas are the ideal addition to any look. The designs offered online are fashionable, current, and appropriate for various occasions. Apart from diamonds, a wide range of gold jewellery is also available, each with its unique style and appeal. Gold chains, necklaces, earrings, and vaddanam are just a few of the accessories we provide to help you stand out from the rest. 

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Is there a right age to adorn Diamond bangles?

Diamond bangles are age-neutral, however keeping in mind the cost and value attached to diamond bangles, these are best used after a certain age to handle them safely and securely.

Millennial women love to adorn diamond bangles for their minimalist design and subtle elegance, practically on every outfit. Another combination with diamond bangles is the different short and long diamond mangalsutra models available online.

Adored Diamond Bangles- A onetime buy

Like the gold Vankis for women, diamond bangles also are mostly a one-time buy and a treasure for a lifetime for many Indian women, however, the difference is that with diamond bangles you can’t stop with one- such is the charm. You can practically wear them on everything and everywhere right from office formals to weddings, from household functions to cocktail parties, from evening dinners to everyday wear.

Exquisite Diamond Bangle Designs for Women at Vaibhav Jewellers

Vaibhav Jewellers create the best gold and diamond jewelry, unmatched in the industry. We are the product of a 27-year tradition of jewelry creation. We have successfully brought the art with decades of outstanding experience and talent to create brilliant and gorgeous jewels that inspire everyone to live. In addition to being one of a kind, our selection is broad. Our bangle collection for women is a one-of-a-kind design. From the convenience of your own home, you can now purchase our diamond bangle online. Select your piece, and have it shipped to your desired location.

Diamond Bangle Designs for Wedding

When it comes to a woman's bridal attire, bangles are a must. We love our designer bangles because of the instant appeal they offer to a bride's mehndi-coated hands in addition to their traditional significance.

So whether you are looking for a traditional Kangan design, fashionable bracelets, or a trendy fusion of gold and diamond bangles, we have it all. Decorating bridal wrists has never been more flexible. You can trust us to entice you with stunning bangles designs as your go-to bridal jewellery companions. Whether you're looking for something traditional or more modern, these latest designs of bangles by Vaibhav Jewellers will leave you speechless with their richness.

Diamond Bangle Designs for Anniversaries

One option to make your anniversary present extra special is giving your spouse an elegant set of diamond bangles. It also simplifies the task of coming up with anniversary gift ideas because you'll be shopping inside a more defined category. Solitaire diamond bangles are a great way to show her how much you care on your first anniversary. Because of the rich metal band and glittering solitaire diamonds that have been carefully spaced apart, this timeless jewellery will never go out of style! A piece of art that is enough to astound your sweetheart! Alternatively, you can choose a more subtle present, such as stylish gold huggie earrings or gold suidhaga earrings. Gifting diamond or gold stud earrings is another excellent option for an anniversary present. Despite their small size, they are capable of making an impact.

Budget: Diamond is a pricey stone, so plan accordingly. The diamond bangle price in India changes with market values. Set your budget first, and then focus your search.

Daily use Diamond Bangle Designs

Simple diamond bangles with no fussy design can be used as daily wear. The wear and tear of these bangles are not bound to be disturbed because of their plain designs.

Gold Diamond Bangle Designs

Predominantly gold with very few diamonds is what makes this gold diamond bangle. They come in populated designs and fewer diamonds.

Single line Diamond Bangle Designs

Single line diamond bangles are the ones where diamonds are interspersed along the length of the bangle.
Uncut Diamond Bangles: Uncut diamond bangles or Polki bangles are broad in design. They are not apt for daily wear, they are festive wear or occasional wear or wedding/Bridal wear.

Gemstone Studded Diamond Bangle Designs

Diamond Bangles add sparkle to the bangle, to top that up a splash of colors can be even more appealing with rubies and emeralds studded in it. A classic Ruby diamond bangle outshines any occasion as they lash elegance like confetti.

Stunning & Stylish Diamond Bangles Set with Price and Weight

Diamond Bangles with Price

Vaibhav Jewellers offers an extensive collection of bangles for women. On our website, you can choose from over 80 different styles. These wrist adornments weigh between 5 and 90 grams. Our designer diamond bangles price begins at ₹68,000. For a more opulent style, we have colossal diamond-studded ones priced at around ₹1,240,000.00. Buy diamond bangles online from us, and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. You do not need to leave your house or office, endure traffic congestion and locate a parking space to visit a jewellery retailer. With a few clicks, make a purchase, and we will deliver your product to its destination in no time. We have everything from a gold necklace to diamond earrings to help you stand out at a wedding, brunch meeting, excursion with friends, or business meeting. Our entire collection is BIS certified, so you don't have to be worried about the product's quality.

Diamond Bangles based on Weights

There has been a shift from gold bangles to diamonds. Diamond bangles designs are popular with modern women since they work well almost with all outfits. You can wear diamond bangles with traditional garb and Western clothing without a hitch. Many different bangles set are available in our collection so that you can choose the right one for your style. The weight range is from 5 to 90 grams. A bangle's weight rises in direct proportion to the level of ornamentation on it.

You'll find lightweight bangles weighing just 5-10 grams in the catalog. These are the finest deals for working women. Other than boosting your physical look, these daily wear bangles will also assist you in injecting personality and originality into your everyday wardrobe. For extra oomph, wear a pair of gold dangle earrings with them.

Diamond Bangles Set Collection

Diamond bangle sets come in either a pair of 2 or 4 or 6. They go great with practically every outfit. At Vaibhav, you can find a great diamond bangle set collection. Alternately, you can also make a diamond set bangle infusion with gold bangles.

Buy diamond bangles on EMI

Buy Diamond Bangle Jewellery on EMI sounds like a great option especially during a wedding when the burden of buying is double than usual. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with Jewelfina offers EMI facility to all the customers. EMI offer is valid on all studded gold and diamond Jewellery. To know more interest charges and flexible tenures, please contact our customer care @ +91 9177403000.

Buy Diamond Bangles for Wedding from Vaibhav

Outstanding designs coupled with dedicated customer service are what make us stand apart. We take pride in the wealth of Jewellery knowledge we have gathered over a span of 25years. Now, buying diamond necklace Jewellery online indifferent workmanship, weight, and price ranges is made simple. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

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