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Diamond Mangalsutra

Spectacular Diamond Mangalsutra Designs That Will Make Anyone Gush!

Mangalsutra is a Hindi term derived from' mangal' and 'sutra' that translates as 'an auspicious thread'. It is a significant adornment for Hindu brides and visual representations of their married status.

Diamonds are the most coveted item on any woman's wish list. Choose a mangalsutra with diamond beading to give yourself a royal aura. We offer a large selection of diamond mangalsutra in various shapes and patterns. In today's modern world, brides want to wear traditional yet fashionable mangalsutras. As a result, gold and diamonds have become the most desired combination in the latest mangalsutra design online. 

A diamond mangalsutra is likely to be a long-term investment that you plan on wearing for years to come. So, we strongly advise you to go for natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are a costly option because of their mining, cutting, and polishing processes. If price is a concern, we suggest synthetic diamonds over simulated diamonds.

You can always team your mangalsutra with a pair of matching gold jewelry earrings adorned with diamonds. The earring will complete your style, making it ideal for everyday and even occasional use. You can also layer your mangalsutra with stylish gold chains in complementary designs to create a bold statement. 

You will truly enjoy your jewelry purchasing experience with a reputable jeweler like us who deals in BIS hallmark jewelry. Our diamond mangalsutra range is priced between Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 570,000 and is available in 14KT, 18KT, and 22KT gold. You can check diamond mangalsutra pendant design online for both formal and party wear in an infinite variety of designs inspired by Classic, Contemporary, Traditional, and Cluster themes.

The availability of Mangalsutra designs diamond online has also revolutionized the way wedding jewelry is purchased. Simply said, purchasing jewelry online simplifies and streamlines the process, maybe from a comfort standpoint as well, for obvious reasons of resource conservation - time, money, and energy. Thanks to digitalization, Vaibhav Jewellers can now reach out to jewelry lovers in India and globally via trustworthy delivery partners. 

Sparkling Diamond Mangalsutra Designs for Women - Vaibhav Jewellers

Indian jewellery, known as a mangalsutra, is a magnificent piece of art with cultural and personal value. When they get married, many women of Indian descent receive a mangalsutra. With time, the style of the mangalsutra has evolved as well. In the present era, many ladies prefer to wear a diamond mangalsutra that one can wear with both Indian and Western apparel instead of a traditional and hefty one.

Designers at Vaibhav Jewellers are well-versed in contemporary fashions. You'll discover a wide variety of the latest diamond mangalsutra designs in our inventory.

Trellis Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Trellis jewellery, a new architecturally inspired trend, has us smitten. The design dates back to the 8th century BC Greek occupation of southern Italy. Tightly-woven lattice used to support or screen shrubs, and other climbing climbers is referred to as trellis. Our trellis-style diamond pendant mangalsutra has a similar pattern. Beautiful gear hangs them horizontally. Each piece is meticulously made with attention to detail, resulting in a refined, feminine aesthetic. These come in both long and short diamond mangalsutra designs.

Tassel Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Diamond pendant is strung from black beaded tassels in tassel mangalsutra. It is one of the chicest mangalsutra patterns available in the market. Long or short, you can wear this latest diamond mangalsutra design for every occasion. Its versatility is unmatched.

Starlit Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

A starlit mangalsutra features a pendant of diamonds shaped like a star. You can achieve aristocratic and royal looks by wearing them along with saris. Long diamond mangalsutra patterns are the most common for starlit motifs. What other jewelry do you have that you may wear with your mangalsutra? Wear a diamond earring with it that will accentuate your features. Now, be ready to be the talk of the town everywhere you go.

Single Solitaire Mangalsutra Designs

The term "solitaire diamond mangalsutra" refers to a single diamond mangalsutra. A single diamond can weigh anything from half a carat to two carats or even more. When purchasing a diamond mangalsutra, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Ideally, it should be resting on your chest with the diamond pointing forward. Any movement should not turn the pendant. Due to their simplicity and delicacy, mangalsutra with solitaire has become more popular among millennial brides. You can always team it up with matching diamond rings to add more sparkle to your charismatic personality. 

Short Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Consider a shorter mangalsutra design instead of the more traditional lengthy one. The most popular mangalsutra design at the moment, we think we can all agree on that. It's even more stunning when worn with a glittering diamond nose pin. Short mangalsutra fashions begin with the Vaibhav Jewellers' 18K Diamond Short Mangalsutra Pendant (166VG5141). This simple diamond mangalsutra, adorned with a shining gold and diamond pendant, looks incredibly fashionable. It has a floral motif with diamond designs that makes it highly charming.

On our website, you
can explore diamond mangalsutra designs with price; the optimal pricing for diamond mangalsutras is between ₹22,000 and ₹570,000. Because 18K gold is more durable than 22K gold for setting diamonds, it is more common to find a modern mangalsutra diamond in 18K gold than 22K gold.

Check out Various Range of Diamond Nallapusalu at Vaibhav Jewellers

Diamond mangalsutras are one of the perfect fits to wear to a wedding or a puja, and it puts you in the spotlight and makes you the talk of the show. However, it is a known fact that purchasing diamond Jewellery, in general, is risky and expensive. We at Vaibhav Jewellers make sure that is not the case. For any piece of jewelry with diamonds, our diamond mangalsutra prices are affordable, and every diamond mangalsutra set has been handled by a professional jeweler for the best quality.

Diamond Mangalsutra Chain based on Prices

The designer diamond mangalsutras have been fit with affordable 18k or durable 22k gold, and it's more common to find it in 18k. We have diamond mangalsutra designs with prices ranging from ₹22,000 to ₹5, 70,000.

Diamond Nallapusalu Chains based on Weights

As expected, there are diamond mangalsutra with weights that can be heavy. The most lightweight diamond mangalsutra we can offer is 2 grams, while the heaviest is 20 grams.

Diamond Nallapusalu Design Sets Online

Diamond mangalsutra sets are another variant wherein the diamond nallapusalu designs are accompanied by a set of beautiful earrings or a complementing bangle. Diamond Pendant mangalsutras are also the ones that come with a set of earrings or rings to make a beautiful set.

How to Choose Mangalsutra online?

Understanding the style of mangalsutra is important, one has to understand what sort of mangalsutra should be worn for example Rajasthanis follow the custom of black bead mangalsutra while Tamilians have a tradition of gold mangalsutra often called as Pusthulu or Thali Bottu.

It is important to understand the different kinds of patterns of mangalsutras, which one to choose from them. i.e. sometimes our hair tends to get stuck because of the twisted mangalsutra pattern, so it is often advised to purchase a less complex pattern if you go online.

The next important point to consider is the length of the mangalsutra chain or the black beads. They ideally come in 14, 16,18,20,22 and 32 inches. While you may get a 14 inches short mangalsutra design in black beads, such a short length will not serve the purpose for a gold mangalsutra. Most of the times woman tend to choose anywhere between 16 inches to 32 inches.

Choosing a design, style, and pattern that suits your wardrobe is very important. For example, if you are used to western outfits, buying a 32-inch long mangalsutra is not advisable. Instead, a sleek and dashing diamond fancy mangalsutra would be striking.

Most of the times diamond pendants offer uniqueness to the mangalsutra. You may want to seriously consider a pendant mangalsutra, consider exploring Vaibhav Jewellers Mangalsutras designs.

A recommended gold carat either 22k or 18K is another aspect that you may need to look at. A 22K is apt for a gold mangalsutras model, while you can go with an 18K for a diamond mangalsutra.

It is highly suggested that one should not ignore the design elements of the mangalsutra such as the clasp, length, metal(gold, platinum, or a mix of both), quality of gold and diamonds, black beads size, placing, etc.

Why choose Vaibhav Jewellers?

Attractive Deals on Vaibhav Jewellers

Mangalsutra styles are accessible in multiple lengths, namely short, medium and long diamond mangalsutras. Vaibhav Jewellers has a vast selection of jewellery for practically any event, including weddings, celebrations, and business gatherings. Vaibhav displays a wide variety such as mangalsutras with Trellis Diamond Mangalsutra, Tassel Diamond Mangalsutra, Single Solitaire Mangalsutra, and a lot more! Buying diamond jewelry online can be difficult, as you don't know if the jewelry is perfect. We at Vaibhav Jewellers have all the information like the weight and size written online to ensure you can find the ideal jewelry.

Shop with us the all-new diamond mangalsutras in different designs, weight, and price ranges online, to avail an array of benefits such as:

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