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Diamond Necklace

Let Your Dazzling Diamond Necklace Cast a Spell Everywhere You Go!

To begin, we invite you into the magical world of the diamond necklace by Vaibhav Jewellers. Wondering what do we have? Ladies, we've got everything you need to stand out from the rest of the pack. Lightweight items, as well as more substantial ones, can be found here. There is no doubt that our collection will leave you speechless, regardless of your level of expertise with diamonds. Our professional design team has a keen eye for what makes a statement about women's fashion.

Here are a few highlights: layered haram, choker necklace, and Navaratna settings. You can now view our entire range of diamond necklaces online. Not only that, but you can get details about necklace prices, weights, and sizes with only a few clicks. If you want to steal the limelight, wear a pair of diamond earrings with your neck adornment. 

Are you ready to get started? This season, presenting your loved ones with their necklace set is a thoughtful way to surprise yourself or those close to you.

Choose the Best Diamond Necklace Designs Online

Whether presented as a surprise gift or worn during her wedding vows, a diamond necklace will be treasured forever. Today diamonds neckpieces can be found from a wide variety of jewellers, but if you're looking for a piece that oozes class, romance, and elegance, go no further than a top brand like ours! Needless to mention that all the modern diamond necklace designs by Vaibhav Jewellers always manage to pull a little more attention from her.

Uncut Diamond Necklace:

Uncut Diamond Necklace is also called a Polki Necklace. Wondering where to buy an uncut diamond necklace? Vaibhav Jewellers is home to the glittering polkis that are designed to allure you. Polki necklace adds a dash of glamour to your attire, uncut and unpolished diamonds are made into Polki diamond necklaces. Ideal for weddings- Try the “Exuberant Polki Necklace” and the “Polki and Pearl Necklace”. Another startling piece of Jewellery from Vaibhav Jewellers is the “Graceful Polki Necklace”.

Diamond Choker Necklace:

A diamond choker necklace is a perfect neck hugging piece populated with diamonds across in design. A diamond choker necklace is a perfect bridal adornment for the sheer radiance it ushers over. The diamond choker can be designed either heavily or in lightweight too. A lightweight diamond choker Necklace looks elegant with a layer of diamonds and glossy south sea pearls, rubies, or any other precious stones hanging on to it.

Simple Diamond Necklace:

A diamond necklace set is considered exclusive and standalone when it is only populated in design by diamonds than gold metal. A classic statement piece that would sweep you off your feet is the splendid “Espalier Diamond Necklace”; another sinfully feministic piece of Jewellery is the “Silhouette Diamond Necklace”. An honor to own type of necklace is the “Akarsh Diamond Necklace set”, its almond-shaped motif design and complementing earrings give a picture-perfect look.

Gold Diamond Necklace:

Gold Diamond Necklace is one where the necklace is designed in gold with a limited studding of diamonds. It is predominantly populated with gold design with diamonds studded within. Since the gold diamond necklace is designed more in gold, they are affordable and come in various weight ranges. Heavy diamond necklace price differs from that of a simple diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace for Women

Rightly said: 'Diamonds are for women'! So we leave no stone unturned to woo their hearts—a necklace for women by us carter to women of all ages. These days, white gold and diamond necklace are popular among ladies. The explanation for this is rather apparent. It resembles platinum in appearance and price, although it's a lot less expensive. Besides that, we also have a dedicated segment for the bride. Suppose you are looking for a necklace for bride, switch to that section. From a stunning haram to a chic choker bridal diamond necklace are among the many lovely wedding diamond necklaces we have to offer at our store. Are you looking for something unique? Find what you're searching for by letting us know what it is! Our store and your heart will always be full of fresh, exceptional necklace set designs since we constantly innovate. Take a look at what we have to offer today!

Diamond Neckwear for Gifts

Necklaces are the most common type of jewelry given as a gift. Its appeal is because a woman can wear it in any size. There is no need to worry about anything else but its design. When you give someone a necklace as a present, you're sending a message of love and compassion. Even though ladies adore all diamond jewellery, these days, necklace designs are likely to become the most significant item to her. No matter how lovely the diamond vaddanam she received as her birthday gift is or how exquisite the diamond engagement rings she received for her engagement are, a sparking neckpiece is always stealing her heart. From a simple necklace to a heavily studded one, we offer you a plethora of choices to adorn her beautiful neckline.

Various Range of Diamond Necklace at Vaibhav Jewellers

We believe that a customer-friendly environment should be created where you can purchase to your heart's content without worry or regret. We've broken down our assortment of diamond necklaces into several categories to make things easier.

Diamond Necklace based on Prices

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we create the unique latest necklace designs to ensure that you will shine on any occasion. Visit our website, hover over the "DIAMOND" category and select "Necklace" to find your perfect fit. In addition, you can also narrow down your search if you're looking for a specific piece within a set budget with filters like diamond necklace designs with price. Our range is as low as ₹55,000 to as high as ₹3,900,000, weighing between 0 to 90 grams.

As far as buying from us, you have a few alternatives like EMI or Easy monthly payment, where you will pay in installments instead of a one-time lump sum fee. The diamond necklace cost changes every day per the gold and diamond rate. Plus, the types of diamonds also influence the pricing. For example, Polki or uncut diamond necklace sets are more expensive than regular ones.

Diamond Necklace based on Shapes & Sizes

When it comes to the shapes and sizes of diamond necklaces, people's tastes vary all over the place. Some people like a long diamond necklace, while others prefer a short diamond pendant necklace. As a result, we have something for everyone. You can also buy diamond pendants separately to wear with your chains. Our collection includes modern simple diamond necklace designs for the minimalistic millennial generation.

On the other hand, classic pieces are elaborately adorned for people who like swanky designs. There are stunning diamond mangalsutra for married women in short and long lengths. Additionally, you can also go for a bespoke necklace. We have a skilled designing team and gemmologist to help you get your preferred shine on your neck.

Diamond Necklace for Wedding only @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Vaibhav Jewellers had been at the forefront of creating innovative designs that suit the customer's needs for 25 years. We have been a preferred wedding jeweler for more than a lakh of weddings far. If you are wondering where to buy diamond necklace sets online, then here is your right stop. You will find a range of stunning diamond necklaces for brides like our famous uncut diamond necklaces, the very popular diamond choker necklaces, and other lightweight simple diamond necklaces with us.

Experience State-of-the-art HD Shopping

These diamond necklace designs can now be viewed closely through our video shopping facility. Experience a state-of-the-art HD video shopping wherein you can request to view items of your choice, our Jewellery experts will take you through the product specifications, design, and pricing, you can take a close look at all the intricacies. And hang on!! If you are a bride-to-be who is searching for a diamond necklace, then Vaibhav Jewellers is the best place to land.

Shopping at Vaibhav Advantage

Shop with us the all-new diamond Necklaces, diamond earring designs, and an assorted mix of gemstone jewelry in gold, diamond & silver indifferent workmanship, weight, and price ranges online, we at Vaibhav offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

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 Here are some jewellery related FAQs for you!

  • Q1. How much would a diamond necklace cost?
    A1. At Vaibhav Jewellers we have categorised the price points in 4 different levels, i.e., within 0- ₹1, 000, 000, ₹1,000,000 - ₹2,000,000, ₹2,000,000 - ₹3,000,000, ₹3,000,000 and above depending on the style..
  • Q2. Is it OK to wear diamonds every day?
    A2. Diamonds are among the world's hardest materials. However, if not properly cared for, they might suffer damage. Intense wear can discolour diamond jewellery. In addition, diamonds can be damaged or fall out of the settings..