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Diamond Vaddanam

Diamond Vaddanam for Women

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Diamond Vaddanam Online

Diamonds have for centuries been a bone of conviction in many wars, movies, kingdoms, dynasties and rulers. They have for long occupied the topmost position for being rare, precious and priceless. Diamonds have always been a symbol of prestige, power and pride for many women across the world. Even to date and for the many years to come diamonds will always hold this special place, it is also called the “gem of gems” for its sheer royalty. 
In western countries, diamonds are used in bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings and in other accessories like watches, cufflinks, etc. However, we can see excessive use of diamonds in the Middle East and Asian communities in a variety of ornaments such as Diamond Vanki, diamond Maang tikka, Haram, etc. Vaddanam among other Jewellery items is a brilliant treasure to acquire by any woman. 

Types of Diamond Vaddanam

Diamond Vaddanam models include the following:

Gold Diamond Vaddanam:

This is a mix of gold and diamond Vaddanam where you can find that either length of the Vaddanam is made of a gold chain, diamonds occupy the center portion of the Vaddanam making it a lovely combination. The shine of the gold and the glitter of the diamond complement each other. 

Diamond Locket Vaddanam:

These Vaddanams consist of a central pendant made of diamonds, it is held on either side by a gold plated belt or laced in gold highlighting the pendant. 

Diamond centered Vaddanam:

In this Vaddanam design, diamonds are used along the length of the waistline and at the end are connected with gold chains. These Vaddanams showcase diamonds at the appropriate place and leave the rest to gold chains. They raise an awe feeling when worn for the sheer beauty of design and impeccable workmanship and intricacy they are made in.

Diamond Motif Vaddanam:

In this kind of vaddanam model, the entire length of the Vaddanam is made of diamond motifs like circular chakra motifs, Ashta Lakshmi motifs, elephant motifs or other popular motif designs. Sometimes these motifs are also studded with gemstones.

Traditional Diamond Vaddanam belt:

This is pure bliss to adorn; the entire Vaddanam is made up of diamonds alone and purely a bridal piece. The traditional Vaddanam completes the bride and extends her beauty beyond imagination. They have no match and go well with the grand Kanjeevarams. Since they are made of diamonds alone, the Vaddanam cost will soar up compared to other models.

Interchangeable Diamond Vaddanam:

As discussed earlier, diamond Vaddanams also come with precious and semi-precious gemstones, in an interchangeable Vaddanam an extra set of stones are offered to the customer to interchange as per their taste. The gemstones are detachable allowing the customer to use it multiple times to match it with their attire. 

Multi-use Diamond Vaddanam:

These Vaddanams are called 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 or 7-in-1 models where the entire length of the Vaddanam is designed to detach easily with the help of a hook and reuse a part of the Vaddanam either as a necklace, Haram, Vanki or purely as a locket and Maang tikka. These design capabilities and reusability factors make them a popular choice amongst millennial women and the bride to be.

Price of a Diamond Vaddanam

The Vaddanam price largely varies with design, usage of diamonds, grade (cut, clarity, carats), prevailing gold rate and the workmanship of the Vaddanam. However, leaving these factors aside the price starts from INR 10 Lakhs and above.

Diamond Vaddanam Designs

One can find simpler versions of gold vaddanams, but it is not the case with diamond Vaddanam. They are not simple, they are populated with design, latest Vaddanam designs are a culmination of different patterns such as floral vines, leaves, elephants, peacocks, laced and sculpted in inlaid and intricate finishing. 
Diamond Vaddanam like their gold counterparts comes with studded gemstones such as Rubies, Emeralds, Blue Sapphires and other natural and synthetic stones too. There are hollow golden balls & South Sea pearl dangles that are designed to enhance overall beauty. Vaibhav Jewellers offers to customize a Vaddanam. Liked a Vaddanam online, bring us the image and place an order with us, along with your taste and preferences.

Buy Your Diamond Vaddanam on EMI

Purchasing diamond Jewellery on EMI is the most flexible option without feeling the pressure on the pocket. Vaibhav Jewellersin association with JewelFina is now offering all its customers with the ease of monthly installments on all studded gold and diamond jewellery. 

Diamond Jewellery for Gifting

Diamond Jewellery makes a wonderful gift for all age groups of men & women. However, as per the occasion and budget one can carefully choose from the many big and small format Jewellery, for example, a perfect diamond ring for your loved one on Valentine’s Day or a striking diamond mangalsutra for a bride who may be your sister, friend or cousin. Another thoughtful diamond gift is a pair of lovely diamond earrings that one can match on any gold necklace design.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

All Vaddanams are accompanied by certification specifying the grade, cut and clarity of the diamonds. Shop with us for latest diamond Vaddanam designs in different workmanships, weight and price ranges online, we at Vaibhav offer an array of benefits to customers such as: 
• Virtual Try-on
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• Lifetime exchange
• Free 15 day return policy
• State-of-the-art Live Video Shopping 
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