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Buy Gold Floral Collection For Women Online

Floral jewellery doesn’t always have to be created from fresh flowers. You can also choose to wear floral-shaped jewellery made of gold, diamond, pearls and fancy beads. Floral jewellery designs from Vaibhav Jewellers are dominating the fashion arena this season. They can turn any dull outfit into a fascinating style statement. Our newly launched Floral Collection has a different fan base. The reason behind their popularity is simple. Pretty flowery motifs can add a dash of a romantic, playful touch to any jewellery piece. They are equally graceful and gorgeous. Go the extra mile with these one-of-a-kind magical jewellery. This exquisite collection is your one-stop ticket to making a floral statement that is sure to steal the entire spotlight. Besides Floral Collection, our flower jewellery online offers endless variety in shape, style, and structure, for all kinds of events–from fabulous earrings, chic necklaces to gorgeous gold bangles or bracelets.

Give our floral-inspired jewellery a try!

Floral Collection Category

Floral jewellery is a big hit now. From youngsters to the older generations, everyone is falling head over heels for them. Even celebrities seem to be smitten by the flower jewellery. We have seen many of them sporting it on the Red Carpet. Our skilled designer team left no stone unturned to make the best of this enthralling fusion of nature’s blossoms and jewellery. The results are praiseworthy. The blending lends a majestic and delicate aura to the exquisite jewellery pieces, makes them a not-to-be-missed priced possession. That is how our bright and beautiful Floral Collection came into existence. 

What have we stored in there? Well, the names are listed below.

Gold Floral Earrings

Complete your look with our incredible floral earrings. Apart from being a visual delight, they are also instant style boosters. Infuse glamour into your garb with our floral Suidhaga earrings that are guaranteed to make heads turn. These beauties are made oh-so-stylish in delicate floral patterns with 14K gold.

Gold Floral Rings

You will bloom like a flower by donning our lovely flower-shaped gold ring design. They wonderfully combine traditional and contemporary design components. Shimmering stones further add to the grace of these fine pieces. Are you thinking of popping the question? Look no further than flower ring design gold from Vaibhav Jewellers. 

Take your floral statement a notch higher with a show-stopping flower-shaped pendant like our Floral Splashed Diamond Pendant. It is an innovative and stylish take on nature’s floral patterns. Pair such pendants with simple gold chains to own the spotlight on every occasion. 

Well, the trend of floral jewellery is here to stay. So, check out our latest Floral Collection to own the prettiest floral jewellery for yourself!

Floral Collection Designs

We genuinely love the concept of floral inspiration in jewellery for this season! So, we have introduced our new Floral Collection. The light, feminine charm of our floral piece of jewellery provides the subtle glow you want, to rock an ultramodern look.

There are many options for flower-inspired jewellery – from rings to earrings – all in stylish floral styles that you can wear for any occasion.

Gold Suidhaga Earrings

Floral Suidhaga gold earrings are in trend. They are lovely and light. Suidhaga earrings in our Floral Collection have a classy look. They are pretty popular among millennials, possibly due to their contemporary design. Set in 14K gold with a flower motif, a significant portion of the earring is occupied by a sleek gold chain that serves as the connector. These are dainty earrings with a chic look. If hanging earrings are not your style, pick up flower earrings studs gold from our extensive jewellery compilation. 

Cubic Zirconia Ring Design

Cubic Zirconia, aka CZ, is an artificial diamond substitute with an inexpensive price tag. Our cubic zirconia floral design ring will retain its beauty for years if you take proper care of it. Because of the affordability, CZ flower design engagement rings are often the right choice for those getting married under a set budget. They are available in three types of gold like yellow, white and rose. Bonus, these flower ring designs from our Floral Collection can create even more dazzling finger bling on any given occasion.

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Floral Jewellery has to be the most charming piece of them all. Here at Vaibhav Jewellers, we make sure that your jewellery keeps you under the spotlight at all times using its shine. Not only that, we make sure that your jewellery is affordable. Here is how.

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We have an easy to perform exchange policy. If you have any jewellery you think doesn't fit you, you can come to us and exchange it for new jewellery. We also accept jewellery from other brands.

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If you have a tight budget but a different taste which is too expensive, you don't need to break your own heart by not getting it. For people who cannot afford the total price within one purchase, EMI is a lifesaver, and we have it. By following some terms and conditions, we can divide the cost of your favourite jewellery into monthly payments.