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Gold kids bracelets online

Latest Gold Bracelets for Baby Girl And Boy Online

Baby bracelet gold has been used to celebrate religious events such as a barasala, annaprasanna or baptism. It was believed to be a charm to offer protection against an evil eye or bring good fortune. The black beaded baby gold bracelet is a true example of it. 

However, today kids gold bracelet is more of a fashion statement than a traditional ornament. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we keep up with jewellery industry trends. We understand that kids love being the centre of attention and most especially loved to be pampered. So, we bring you the most fashionable gold bracelet for baby that will help your younger one steal the limelight everywhere he goes. From bangle styles to chain patterns, the options for the gold bracelet for kids are endless. 

When it comes to a gold bracelet for a baby boy, the designs tend to be more masculine. For instance, if you choose a name bracelet for your boy, fonts will be engraved in blocks. A similar style gold bracelet for a baby girl will have cursive or small letters inscribed. 
If you’re looking for an excellent gift for the new mama in your life, you are at the right place. Apart from kids, there is a segment for the gold bracelets for women. It will help make the transition into motherhood a little smoother for her.

Types of gold bracelets for boy

Have you thought of buying your little one a gold bracelet? then here are the styles of baby bracelets available with Vaibhav They come I affordable price and weight options, made in simple, sleek and hassle-free designs keeping in mind the feeble hands that adorn them.

Baby Gold Bangle Bracelet

Baby bangle bracelets are shiny, smooth, and simple with open ends and adjustable options. We ensure they do not have any sharp edges least it may hurt your little one. Not just that, these bracelets stand on your baby’s arm instead of sliding like the traditional ones. They come open-ended with an option to press.

Gold and black bead bracelet

The gold and black bead bracelet for babies are considered to ward off the negativity surrounding the kids. The black beads baby bracelet is populated with black beads with a thin trace of gold in the form of rope and a secured clasp. It is both affordable and makes for a great gift to keep the child safe. Most Indian households use this without any qualms for their newborns.

Baby gold chain bracelet

Fancy, stylish and sleek, the baby gold chain bracelet comes with a design at the center followed by plain gold chains either side with a clasp or an “S” hook. They are loose and slide along the baby’s arm with ease, they do not cause any inconvenience or marks on the baby’s arm. Ideally, we all know that gifting boys is not only tough but also very limited. Hence a Gold bracelet for baby boy is an innovative option to think of.

Difference between kids bangles and bracelets

Adorably cute, both bangles and bracelets are great however bracelets are a notch higher than bangles as they can be used for an extended time i.e. even if the baby grows little older say 2-5yrs, a bracelet with extended links can be used, unlike the bangles.

Baby Gold Bracelet Price and Weight Range

Kids gold bracelet price varies typically on the weight, design elements do not play a major role here as our effort is to bring out attractive and minimalist patterns that are kids friendly with no much sharp or edgy ends. At Vaibhav, you can find a range of beautiful bracelets starting at 3 gms to up to 10gms. The price starts from Rs.8300 and goes above INR 27,000 thereby depending upon the weight. A 3gram gold bracelet for baby is the starting weight range, we ensure that the bracelets don’t get heavy on the toddler's hands and hence we ensure the weight is not beyond 15gms.

Custom Order Kids Gold Bracelet

A customer can also order baby gold bracelets or if you have fancied something online get us the image and we will have it custom made for you. You can also get a special name bracelet on your baby’s name. The bracelets can be ordered in yellow, white, or rose gold.

The Tara Collection 

Our baby range products are featured under the “Tara”- An exclusive kids collection. A lot of care is put into design attributes in this collection, considering the tender arms they are adorned on. Now, find a range of super cute latest kids bangles, bracelets, maang tikkas, gold rings online, or visit any of our 12 stores across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. We also accept made to order requests for baby bowls, plates, and a host of other everyday baby essentials. You can also buy Jewellery on EMI when you shop with us.

Latest Gold Baby Bracelets for Girls Online

The latest bracelets for boy and girl differ subtly in terms of design, the black beads bracelet however remains to be one the most common among newborns and kids irrespective of gender. All the latest bracelets come with an adjustable option keeping in mind the growing age of kids. They are also size-independent i.e. one size fits all. The gold bracelets for a baby boy are largely plain and minimal in design, boys gold bracelets come with links design or simple gold chain with a name inscribed or with a small rudraksha embedded in them. Baby gold bracelets usually have an extra adjustable chain to set it as per the wrist.

Likewise, gold bracelet for baby girl have small floral patterns, followed by rhodium polish giving that tinge of shine, some designs also come with gold beadwork to make them attractive and with cute chimes added to them. The baby bracelets, in general, aren’t made with heavy design, do not rough edges or hard ends. You can find several baby bracelet designs while browsing online. All kids gold bracelets at Vaibhav come in varying price and weight ranges.

Buy Gold Bracelet for Baby at Vaibhav Jewellers

Armbands with religious significance are also ubiquitous these days. There is some charming baby gold bracelet in our collection that perfectly connects the idea of faith with a jewel. These pieces of baby bracelet gold are gender-neutral.

Stylish customised baby girl bracelet gold includes a delicate design or a plate with her name emblazoned in cursive or small letters. On the other side, a baby boy gold bracelet holds bolder patterns.

For regular use, please go through our bangle bracelet for kid gold.  Adjustable and sturdy round-shaped bracelets with a cute ‘Hello Kitty’ motif at the centre make these pieces quite lovely.   

Choose simple designs while buying gold bracelet designs for kids to avoid the risk of rashes or cuts. Our designers create baby jewellery keeping your little ones in mind. They ensure that each ornament is pretty, sparkling yet safe for kids' delicate skin—for example, a baby gold chain bracelet.  Although, it is a fancy model, it doesn't have anything sharp (not even the adjustable clasp). Your child can wear it for years with ease. 

With us, you can purchase baby bracelet gold for boys or girls at the best prices. The price ranges from ₹10,300 to ₹ 34,000. BIS stamped gold bracelets for kids set in 18k, and 22k purity can be bought in finance too. Avail our 'Shop in EMI'feature to learn how.