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Gold Bracelets for Men

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Men receive enough ties, belts, shirts, and other typical items on any special occasion, but how about gifting them something that they want to keep for many years to come? There's always some jewellery you can present to a man, even those who don't wear it daily. Beautiful gold bracelets for men, shiny statement rings, striking men gold chains, the choices are endless. Before logging in to buy a gold bracelet online, understand your personal preferences and requirements. For example, suppose you are a faithful follower of the 'less is more' mantra, pick up something lightweight like a one-gram gold bracelet online. If you're into classic bold patterns, a gold bracelet with an intricate design from Vaibhav Jewellers would be a better choice. We have a wide variety of gold bracelet designs for men available online –from handsome gold bracelets for boys to bold Kadas. Choosing from this enormous collection might feel like a daunting task.  Therefore do some homework before making the purchase.

Check Out Trending Gold Bracelet Designs

  • Traditional Gold Bracelets Designs: The traditional men bracelets are a chain model with a simple “S” hook or a clasp to hold it together. These bracelets have a medium width, apt for daily wear, they come in modest designs that have a touch of tradition. The traditional gent's bracelets are pouched by alternating petite gold plates, square models, circular strings, and more abstract patterns.
  • Designer Gold Bracelet: Designer bracelets come in two-tone, are trendy design and are designed to be lot flexible than the traditional ones. They are designed in specific patterns example few of the Men's gold bracelets styles are do not carry a hook or a clasp they are open-ended, some have elephant heads, lion's head,s etc designed on one end.
  • Beaded Gold Bracelets Designs: The beaded Men's bracelet is made in a very simplistic fashion. The predominant design in the men bracelet gold made is the Rudraksha bracelets with golden finishing on either end or simply designed in an alternate pattern of gold beads and Rudraksha.
  • Broad Gold Men Bracelet Design: The broad bracelet is sturdy, voluminous, and fits aptly in full strength on a strong wrist. These new model bracelets are heavy and priced higher when compared to other models as they come in the higher weight range.
  • Strap-type Gold Bracelet Design: Strap-type bracelet designs are very Indian, they are in the form of a belt with abstract designs on the entire bracelet running across on either end. They come with an adjustable hook or an “S” clasp. There are no specific patterns in the strap patterned bracelets, the design is interspersed along the length of the bracelet. This is lightweight and delicate when compared to its counterparts.
  • Link Type Gold Bracelet Design: The link patterned Mens bracelets are very traditional in design, popular, and most common design in Men's Jewellery segment. They are available in different thicknesses and lengths. There are different link-based stylish bracelets and mens designer bracelets that are now available at Vaibhav Jewellers. These gold bracelet price entirely depends on the length factor.
  • Kada Type Gold Bracelet: These types of Mens bracelets are very popular in Northern India. Simple and elegant Kadas shine in their way. Simple Kadas bracelets are also called Punjabi Kadas. The gold Kada designs are plain with a line running in the middle of the kada that makes it look like a swollen plateau on either side. The sharp centerline offers the entire Kada a sparkling tinge. There are multiple varieties of Mens bracelets online that you can search from.
  • Braided Men's Gold Bracelet Design: As the name speaks braided Mens bracelets are in the form of a braid, beautifully crafted in a perfect knot. The braided bracelets come in different braid designs making them look extremely tough and rugged. These bracelets reflect true masculinity in the way of their sturdiness and strong make. 

Choose from Men's Gold Bracelet Collection

The gold bracelet is a piece of jewellery that gives a vibrant impression and works well with every age group. We have a versatile collection of bracelets for men, which are a treasure trove of delights.

Plain Gold Men Bracelet

Suppose you’re looking for bracelets to wear with formal outfits. In that case, a plain gold bracelet from Vaibhav Jewellers is certainly the way to go. Set in 22k gold purity, these gorgeous jewellery pieces can take the status of more elaborate adornment and look fabulous when paired with cufflinks.

Gold Spiral Men Bracelet

The gold spiral bracelet is a micro-macrame design highlighting the half hitch spiral, which is very easy to fasten. Clasps or fasteners are used to secure them. These are dainty pieces suitable for special occasions where you need to mark your presence without overdoing things.

Gold Chain Men Bracelet

Chain bracelets for men exist in two different styles. In our stock, you’ll find thin and unobtrusive gold chain bracelet men that can subtly enhance any outfit. Opposite these tasteful links, you’ll also see thick metal chains. These are bold statement pieces. You need to pay more attention to pull them off since they attract too much attention. For extra oomph, choose something from our men gold rings segment. You can go with a traditional band-style ring or may pick one enlivened with an exciting design.

When buying men gold bracelets, you can’t go wrong with some of the elegant, artisan-crafted treasures presented at Vaibhav Jewellers.  Are you still doubtful? Try us.

Gents Gold Bracelet Models

Other mens gold bracelet styles include a leather bracelet with a golden nameplate, unique and rare bracelets such as the elephant hair bracelet, lions head open bracelets, rhodium-plated bracelets, dual-tone bracelets i.e. gold and Rhodium coated.

Men's gold bracelets in India, unlike women's gold bracelets, are not made in specific workmanship, they come in three types i.e. signets, casting, and plain.

There are many gifting options for women like a diamond mangalsutra or gold ring and many more, however for men, out of the limited options available mens Jewellery is a great idea such as gold bracelet, rings, chains, and gold watches.

Finding mens bracelets online is now just a few clicks away. You can now browse through several varieties of sturdy, strong, and macho gold mens bracelets online, like a design? Just bring us the image and we will personalize it for you as per your taste. Buying Mens Jewellery online is now easy with Vaibhav Jewellers online portal.

Gold Bracelet Price and Weight

We at Vaibhav Jewellers take the greatest pleasure in showcasing an exclusive designer gold bracelet for men that speaks style rooted in tradition. We have some gold bracelet designs for men with weight and price provided so that you can find that perfect bracelet that fits you. Our gold bracelet design prices range from ₹18,000 to ₹2, 85,000 with weights ranging from 5 grams to 50 grams. 

Our gold bracelet options give you a lot to choose from. However, you can sort by different prices, weights, purity, and more to find just the thing for you. We have designs set in 18k and 22k purity. 

Find out the gold rate today by clicking on the metal rate feature on the top right. As we precisely update gold prices every day, it will help you to make the right purchase. Our designer men's bracelet gold collection has something for everyone. When you are in a formal look, the thick gold bracelet men’s is a natural fit. On the other hand, people who are more comfortable in cargo pants and casual tees will do better in lightweight contemporary pieces. Similarly, we have stunning gold bangles for women to steal the spotlight on every occasion. We also have a gold lucky pendant available at our store if you want to feel a little propitious! 

Remember, a good bracelet complements the outfit you wear with it, so choose thoroughly.

Difference Between Men's and Women's Gold Bracelet

When it comes to gender norms in the jewellery industry, gold bracelets are a big topic. People judge these jewellery pieces as something that women have to wear and strange when men wear them. The best and easiest thing that can spot a difference between men's and women's gold bracelets is the look.   

Men's Gold Bracelet

Bulky men's bracelets gold 22K are seen as manly. They are a great choice if you are concerned that wearing bracelets will make you appear feminine (which is not true). Usually, modern men's gold bracelet designs have fewer options and colours variety than women. Even men gold accessories are different from women. The category comprises cufflinks, buttons, brooches etc.

Women's Gold Bracelet

And it is vice versa for women. Women's bracelet is feminine, dainty, bright, all features that reflect how women basically should be. On women's jewellery, you will also notice different colourful gemstones attached. In contrast, the vibrant gemstones are hardly seen on hand bracelets for men gold. Similarly, the traditional women gold chains bear a discernible difference from their male counterparts. They are longer and thinner as compared to men gold chains. They extend from 10 inches all the way to 40 inches plus. On the flip side, the most typical sizing range for men's chains is from 18 inches to 24 inches.

We at Vaibhav Jewellers are transforming the very ideas of gendered jewellery, challenging the gender standards and traditions inherent in style and taste as a whole. Our pro artisans try their best to bring a change in designs that are no longer for a specific gender. They are getting rid of gender norms that label jewellery as "feminine" or "masculine."

Shop Men's Gold Bracelet Collection from Vaibhav Jewellers

A gold hand bracelet for a man is a must-have for any outing. It is an additional shine that it brings to a plain outfit. Here are advantages you get by buying some at Vaibhav Jewellers:

Virtual Try-On

We have a top-notch virtual try-on to help you decide what jewellery piece suits you best. It is on our website on the top bar.  However, this facility is not available on gents bracelet gold.

Good Exchange Policy

Our exchange policy makes sure you get your actual money's worth. If you have a jewellery piece, regardless of brand, that you don't need any more, you can come to us and exchange that piece for a shiny new one.

EMI Facility

EMI is something you can turn to if you can't afford your favourite piece in one purchase. By accepting some terms and conditions, we will divide the price into monthly payments so you can buy your favourite jewellery on a budget.