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Gold Jewellery for Women Online Shop

Gold jewellery from Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the most widespread accessories around the world today for a reason. We draw inspiration from rich Indian culture and blend it with contemporary elements. Our gold jewellery for women is ideal for any jewellery enthusiast with a keen eye for detailing. 

We belong to a culture that celebrates colour, life, and extravagance. The gold jewellery for women worn, especially during special occasions, is usually heavy and bold. We have curated a collection dedicated to such special moments, where jewellery for women speaks for them. The designs are intricate, and the pieces are exclusive. They work as versatile accessories that can make or break an outfit. For those who always love to keep things traditional, we have separate segments of antique gold jewellery. From Temple, Pachi to Minakari, Kundan and Jadau, the choices are aplenty. Suppose you are looking for ornaments you never need to take off. In that case, fine jewellery for women is just the thing for you. They can work with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as much as possible with a cocktail gown or formal outfit. At Vaibhav Jewellers, you'll find fantastically created gold jewellery for women in 14K, 18K, 22K in different shades like white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Gold Jewellery Design for Women

Gold jewellery lovers, Vaibhav Jewellers exclusive pieces are perfect for adding that blend of old-world charm with a modern-day vibe to your collection. Our exquisite gold jewellery design combines different finishes and is encrusted with multi-coloured gemstones that restore heritage craftsmanship. Chunky gold bangles for women, layered gold harams, cute animal-motif pendants, elaborate gold designer earrings and grand gold chokers are made to round off any outfit. 

Temple Gold Jewellery

Temple jewellery is one of the most famous and traditional jewellery styles in the Southern part of India.  Authentically, the pieces are shaped into statues of temples, gods and goddesses, historic architecture, paintings. Over the years, we have created an incredible collection of exclusive temple jewellery sets. The perfection of these pieces lies in their intricate design. A few of them also are embellished with pearls, emeralds, rubies, and semi-precious stones, making you stand out on any occasion. When we talk about gold jewellery set for marriage, Temple pieces top the list. Be it a haram necklace or a pair of gold bangles, you will get everything in our stock to mark your D-day with golden memories.   Abhinaya is our latest Temple jewellery collection that has been introduced to round off all kinds of the traditional and modern bridal trousseau.

Bridal Gold Jewellery

Among all the accessories, jewellery is the most talked-about part of a bridal trousseau. As you will be the centre of all attention, the pressure to look fabulous tends to be high. It is time when you will be noticed from head to toe. Thus, we have built a fantastic bridal gold jewellery collection of the latest and trending designs called Uttamakshanam, to make things easy for you. It has everything to grab all the attention, from striking Vankis, Vaddanam to stunning Muthu-Jadai, necklaces. While some bridal gold jewellery design showcases our eclectic aesthetic, the rest seeks to cater to your desire for jewellery to be part of your identity.  

The modern twists given by our master jewellers to traditional Indian craftsmanship have intensified the gold fascination among Indian women. Pay a visit to see our exquisite collection. We promise that you won’t be disappointed! 

Gold Jewellery Items for Women

All gold items for ladies from Vaibhav Jewellers are BIS certified and come in a wide range of varieties. Ranging from lightweight dainty pieces to swanky ones, we have left no stone unturned to satisfy your quest for jewellery. 

Gold Pendant

From antique to vintage, you can access a wide range of Gold pendant sets in our collection of ladies gold items. The gold pendant is one popular ornament to receive a contemporary makeover or an unusual twist in the last few years. Vaibhav Jewellers has a great variety of gold pendant sets. All it takes is a simple click to take a virtual tour of it. 

Suppose you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones to make them feel special. Go for our 18k gold signature cursive pendant series. These are highly customisable. Our pro team has crafted each gold pendant to match the needs of every woman, from homemakers to office-goers. Browse through our charming 22k gold pendant catalogue. This specific category is a perfect assortment of simple pieces and bold ones. If you want to spice up your look a bit more, go for a pair of statement gold bangles and steal the spotlight. 

Gold Ring

An essential accessory to adorn one’s fingers is finger rings. We have finger rings for all occasions, including birthdays, engagements, weddings, daily use. You can use them as a part of your fashion statement too. They come in countless patterns, designs, variety, and one can have one or many according to your preference. There are oversize statement rings that showcase an eclectic blend of vintage old-world charm and chic modern-day fun.

Likewise, we have dedicated segments for lightweight rings—for example, our Glams & Glitz Collection. Set in 14K, these fancy rings can be teamed with whatever you wear, whether a saree, gown or simple denim and tee. Blue, orange, green and red stones are some of the coloured stones you can find here in patterns like regular and top open rings.  

Gold Earring

The most important thing that comes to mind while thinking of gold jewellery items for ladies is earrings. Pick up an earring from our extensive collection that is bang on fashion, and you are good to go. We have everything, including studs, jhumkas, hangings, chandbalis, long embellishments with stones, etc. They are excellent for adding an extra touch of drama to any outfit. Chunky elaborate pieces are suitable for grand events, festivals, lunch dates and events in the evening.

Similarly, gold stud earrings embellished with diamonds or other precious stones/gems are ideal for an everyday look. Studs are those timeless and versatile ladies jewellery items that you can pair with jeans and any professional attire or a cocktail gown. You can also go for customised gold earrings as per your need.

Women of any age can wear our beautiful gold jewellery pieces. And the men have their pick too.

Explore Gold Jewellery for Women with Weight

We have a vast collection of gold jewellery. However, some may be too heavy for you, and we understand that. So, we have measured our jewellery with precision so you can get your perfect jewellery quickly. You can either sort pieces like a gold pendant by weight or go into a product, scroll down and check the weight to ensure it is perfect. 

Weight Range From 1 gram to 90 gram

Our gold collection jewellery collection consists of 1 gram of gold jewellery to 90 grams. Mainly, you can explore our collection of 1-gram gold earrings to 4-gram gold earrings with prices provided and updated with the gold rate. Similarly, we have lightweight 10-gram gold bangles designs with prices and a heavier 90-gram gold bangle option you can scroll through. Although lighter is more comfortable to wear for hours up to hours and cheaper, we do not recommend it as it may be thin and susceptible and can break easily when a strong force like a hit is applied. At the same time, 90-gram gold jewellery is sturdy and thicker, yet possibly heavier to a wrist and more costly. We leave that choice to you.

Shop Gold Jewellery for Women Online

Thanks to digitalisation, everything is handy now! Even buyers can purchase valuable items like jewellery online. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced a series of user-friendly tools to give you a hassle-free online gold jewellery shopping experience.

Shop Online

Good quality always doesn't require hard work. You can sit under your Air Conditioner now with our gold jewellery online shopping experience. Shopping online is now the norm during these times, and we digitalise our stores so you can have a more effortless shopping experience. In your online shop, you are given the same features as shopping in our physical store, minus the hectic time taken to look at every single piece since now you can scroll through them instead. There are additional features like Live Video shopping and Try-on to get a real-time view of your product. 

EMI Facility

We understand that you may not be able to afford a piece in one go, so we have a shop on EMI scheme to divide the price into monthly payments, so it is more affordable to make sure you don't upset your budget. Jewellery in finance comes as a boon, especially for high pieces. You can avail this feature with us offered by a third-party provider. There are provisions for both Cardless and credit card EMI.