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Gold Haram

The Finest Gold Haram Necklace Online For the Beautiful You

Women in the southern Indian subcontinent take great satisfaction in wearing antique gold long necklaces, known as haram. Different haram designs in gold are available, including a kemp-stoned one with the goddess Lakshmi pendant and other popular options like the mango mala.

It is up to the woman to decide on her haram models depending on her budget. Obviously, the more ornate designs of the classic ones cost a lot, while the sleeker designs of the contemporary ones are more affordable. Whatever the style of the haram set, these pieces are true head turners. Diamond and pearl-studded haram sets are also a popular choice for young women. You can always pair your haram with gorgeous gold bracelets or bangles. It will help you to score some extra points in the fashion game. 

Check out our catalog if you want to get some exquisite gold South Indian haram designs but aren't aware of the current styles. Online shopping has made it easier than ever to find the ideal piece. We'll get it shipped to the address you provided.

Browse the Latest Gold Haram Designs Online for Women

The festive season is all about glitter and glamour, and a haram necklace is the most incredible way to add some shimmer and glamour to your outfit. A diva in a triceratops is the only way to describe this one piece of jewelry. Thanks to a slew of celebrities and models who have sparked our interest, the haram necklace is a must-have this season.

The must-try designs from Vaibhav Jewellers are:

Temple Gold Harams Designs

In southern India, temple jewelry is one of the most popular and traditional forms. Sculpture, ancient architecture, and paintings all serve as sources of inspiration for this type of handiwork, thus the name "temple art." Women have worn temple gold haram for millennia. What's the harm in giving it a try? The intricate work sets temple haram designs apart from other types of jewelry. Pearls, emeralds, rubies, and other semi-precious stones adorn some of them, ensuring that you will be noticed at any event. Some people want to wear jewelry that has been handed down through the generations in their families. Vaibhav Jewellers sells Temple gold haram for ladies to individuals who don't observe such traditions. There has been a lot of attention on temple jewelry long haram for a long time. To complete the appearance, use a gold choker necklace. In contrast to a choker, long haram designs drape wide across your chest, so they don't compete with each other in terms of prominence.

Polki and Pachi Gold Harams with Nakashi

Polki jewelry has its origins in Rajasthan's Bikaner, where it may be traced back to the Mughal era of that region. A South Indian woman's jewelry collection would be incomplete without the haram necklace. Our Polki haram latest designs feature a combination of royal influence and our own trademark artistry.

A specific jewelry style is Pachchikam, sometimes known as Pachi. This skill was born in Kutch millennia ago. Nonetheless, records suggest that European nobles upgraded Pachi jewelry in the early 1600s. Vaibhav Jewellers presents a unique craft that combines both. Our Pachi new model haram designs have a solid ethnic origin. 

Making a Pachi gold necklace is complicated, laborious, and lengthy. Its aesthetic appeal lies in its inherent crudeness. Because Pachichikam jewelry is weighty, it is only suitable for exceptional events.

Solitaire and Diamond Haram

Diamond haram necklaces have become highly fashionable recently. As a fashion accessory, they are a popular choice for many. You will see haram designs incorporate many tiny diamonds placed in distinctive forms such as a peacock or a mango or a deity. There's something majestic and regal about these latest haram designs. If you want to make a statement, wear them with diamond bracelets.

A solitaire haram is a good choice if you don't want to overdo it. It has a solitaire at the center of the pendant that shines as brightly as the sun rays. You can always layer it with mini haram designs. Otherwise, wear short gold chains and add diamond pendants to them to accentuate your looks.

Resplendent Peacock Haram Design

The peacock is one of the most sought-after when it comes to prized designs because of its brilliant colors and magnificent feathers. Some of our peacock necklace harams have the feathered bird as a pendant and an extension of the haram.

Flower Bunch Haram Design

Guttapusalu is the name given to the modern and stylish flower bunch haram design in southern India, where it is prevalent. These pearl-studded neckpieces are a lovely addition to any ethnic outfit. Guttapusalu, which appears in the form of buds, causes a sensation wherever it is seen. Guttapusalu is an essential part of every woman’s haram collection. 

Apart from flower bunch design, mango motifs are another hit among the women for haram necklaces. Your classic style will seem comfortable and warm whether you wear mango necklace designs adorned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or without any ornamentation.

Whether it's the lightweight gold haram designs or the heaviest, we're always striving to fill every gap in our jewelry collection so we can provide you with the finest. Browse through our extensive gold haram designs catalog and pick your perfect piece. You can use filters like haram designs with weight and price for a fast and convenient approach. 

Choose Antique Gold Haram with Prices and Weight

An antique gold haram is a perfect pick for those who love a bit of drama! As the name suggests, these necklaces depict a design associated with ancient times over 100 years old. Are you looking for a unique gold haram necklace to glamorize your neckline? Look no further than Vaibhav Jewellers. We offer countless options. Our extensive range aims to lure jewelry lovers of every age. Browse through our beautifully crafted antique gold haram with weight and price and pick up the right one for you.

Price Range from ₹10,000 to 10 Lakhs

For an occasion that demands a stamp of your unique identity, go for bolder pieces that speak volumes about who you are. We have 22K gold antique haram designs so affordable that you can buy them with a set budget! Even the customers sitting in different parts of the world can check out the gold antique gold haram with price online. Our listing is available at both Indian Rupees and US Dollars prices. The price of our antique gold haram varies from model to model. The range starts from ₹248,090 and goes up to ₹1,772,645. 

Weight Range from 30 Gram to 90 Gram

If truth be told, we usually go helter-skelter over the gold haram designs with price and weight as we fail to get to a common ground on both pedestals. However, worry not! We at Vaibhav Jewellers are committed to bringing the best 22k antique gold harams with weight and price for you to pick from and get your peace of mind. Remember, gold is priced by weight. The heavier the weight is, the bigger the price tag will be. Our harams' weight range starts from 30 grams and goes beyond 90 grams based on the complex design of the necklace. 

We assure you that we have the latest and most extensive inventory of haram designs, be it our online or our offline string of stores. Pair your gold haram set with charming gold accessories for women to pull out a fabulous look.

Shop Antique Gold Haram at Vaibhav Jewellers

Haram necklaces are in trend. From the B-towners to young fashionistas, everyone is going gaga over them and an antique gold Lakshmi haram is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces that any jewelry enthusiast would love to add, to her jewelry collection. We at Vaibhav Jewellers ensure that our pieces are as beautiful as you expect, or even more than your expectations.

Gold Haram for Wedding on EMI

You can now buy your gold haram on EMI, in association with Jewel Fina offer EMI on the purchase of stone-Haram gold Jewellery. You can reach our customer care for more details. The EMI facility is a convenient option to buy especially during weddings & festivals.

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