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Gold Lockets

Latest South Design Gold Lockets for Women Online

The simplicity and versatility of the gold locket become the focal point in any look if you know how to rock it. Gold chain with locket has been around for ages. Traditionally, the gold lockets for women were chunkier, but the new trend is for the more simplistic ones. 

Gold locket for women

Today there are endless options for gold lockets in the market, from a plain pattern to funky name locket chain. Although there is no hard and fast rule of wearing a gold chain for women with locket, wearing the wrong piece can overwhelm your look. 

For a day-to-day affair, you need a gold locket that is light, sleek, and dainty. Similarly, if you are attending an event like a wedding, look for a statement piece. Lockets made of gold are the perfect yoke-mates of gold chains— be it a daily-wear thing or a fancy affair. To spice up your look, pick up a wrist-piece from our gold bracelets for the women section. Now you are all set to be the centre of attention wherever you go!

How are Lockets different from Pendants?

We often tend to understand that lockets and gold pendants onlineare one and the same, but they have a subtle difference- while pendants are oversized, lockets are often petite in comparison with pendants. Lockets are usually adorned in gold chains while pendants go perfect with gold mangalsutra designs or black beads, pearls, ruby & emerald malas etc. 

Locket Design inspirations

Simple designs drawing inspiration from nature to everyday utilities, from alphabets to zodiac signs, from solitaire lockets to kids cartoon characters, from religious idols to creative golden charms are turned to gold lockets to suit various needs of the customers over the years.  Vaibhav Jewellers lockets broadly feature leaves, flowers, clovers, hearts designs. As trivial as nuts and bolts are also converted to design a gold locket by us. 

Of the limited gifting options that men have, gold lockets make a great gift. They can be easily be joined with a men’s gold chain to make your gift even more precious. Various gold locket for men designs you can find at Vaibhav Jewellers varies in terms of workmanship, size and design. Following are few of the gold lockets available at Vaibhav Jewellers:

Petite Lockets:

Petite lockets are quirky and offer a ton of options. The petite gold lockets for girls are especially suitable for teenagers, toddlers, infants and to some extent office going woman. They are apt for teenagers and students as they go well with western attires, crop tops, tube tops and Kurtis and other classic daily Indian wear.

Alphabet lockets:

Gold lockets with letters are a popular way to differentiate yourself, it is a way of self expression and a perfect gifting option. They come in the weight range of 2-5gms. The alphabet lockets can be a best match with gold bracelets with loose hanging gold charms. This is also a medium to flaunt your quirky side.

Name Lockets:

Gold locket designs with names serve as perfect mementos for your loved ones. They always remind you of the person who gifted them. Ideally, they can be custom made as they are not a readily available Jewellery item. They always come in a cursive writing with clear array of alphabets sculpted in gold to portray your beautiful name. You can also pair a gold bangle with dangling charms  to sync it with western wear, crop tops, tunics and other similar wear and above all its a beautiful way of writing your name in golden letters.


Cartoon mimic Lockets:

A new addition in Vaibhav Jewellers locket collection are these cartoon characters inspired miniature mimic lockets such as Donald Duck, Mini mouse, Mickey mouse, Chota Bheem for all those kids who savor these characters dearly. The miniatures also include animals like fishes, tortoise, monkeys, tiger paws, dolphins, honey bees, elephants, a pair of doves etc. They are limited edition and come in smaller weight range of approx 2-5gms. 


Religious Lockets:

The religious lockets are one of the famous and fast selling lockets we have. Various religious deities are transformed into the finest form of design, popular lockets include goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha, Hanuman, Sai Baba, Cross, Guru Nanak, Om locket, Lord Shiva, Shree designed locket and many related religious idols. The religious gold & silver lockets are available in the weight range of 1.5gms to 6gms. Sentimental and affordable these lockets are another great option for gifting.

Types of lockets online

One can find a variety of lockets online in a variety of weight, metal and price ranges. 

Gold Lockets:

Out of the above designs, every locket is designed in gold, at Vaibhav Jewellers you can find a perfect culmination of gold with gemstones, diamonds and other rare earth stone lockets. We also sell pure gold lockets that speak for themselves.

Gemstone Lockets:

Another out of the league locket designs are the gemstone lockets, coming in rubies, emeralds, south sea pearls, Navratnas and a mix of other gemstones. Found something interesting online, get us the gold locket design image and we will have it customized as per your requirement.

Solitaire Lockets:

Another range of lockets are the solitaire lockets that mostly come in 18K settings, or famously as a single solitaire. Subtle and stylish in design, vogue in fashion, solitaire lockets go well with every attire.

Styling your locket the perfect way

While there are a number ways to adorn your lockets, the most simple and common is adorning a locket with simple gold necklace. Another great way is to keep it subtle, adorn a locket and matching earrings with minimalist lightweight gold haram with price to give yourself an elegant look.

Buy Gold Locket for Women at Vaibhav jewellers

We at Vaibhav Jewellers have an extensive collection of gold locket designs for ladies of any age at reasonable prices in our catalogue. You can look for them offline or online on our website!

Why Vaibhav Jewellers

We strive to design practical, stylish and unique pieces of jewellery and generate a specific emotional effect on the user wearing them. We create ladies locket gold with more incredible complexity, innovation, and sheer excellence than ever before. Our gold locket designs are crafted for any special occasion like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and etcetera. 

Option to Customise your Locket

With the rise of visual social media sites, new designs and styles are floating across the globe with just a click. As a result, there's a noticeable rise in the demand for customised gold locket designs for ladies. Now you can buy gold locket with your name on it. Otherwise, customise it with a unique signature or a significant word in any handwriting or font. When you opt for a bespoke ladies gold locket, you can also mix fresh ideas with details of another piece of jewellery. 

Facility to Buy on EMI

We understand the value of your money. It is not feasible for anyone to shell out a large amount of money in one go, all the time. So, we have the shop in EMI option. It makes a high-value purchase far more flexible. The amount of your gold locket can spread the cost over the space of several months. Now you can buy gold locket online simply in no time.