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Buy Gold Maang Tikka (Papidi Pilla) for Women Online

The gold maang tikka has been a part of Indian traditional wear since olden times. Even today, many modern designs draw inspiration from royal paintings and scriptures. Maang tikka for women generally lends a sense of minimalism, whereas matha Patti imparts a heavier traditional look. It is hooked into the hair, and the pendant must dangle on the centre of the forehead. We have all types of maang tikkas to suit your style, from sleek modern designs to traditional bulky patterns available both offline and online. Flip through our catalogue and purchase your favourite piece with a few clicks. 

The small-sized gold maang tikka is just the thing for you to slay a chic look. On the other hand, the chunkier versions are all about making a statement at a grand function. Style your ethnic wear with a gold maang tikka and matching beautiful women gold bangles. Indian weddings are known for their spectacular and exquisite pieces of jewellery. Needless to say, adorable maang tikkas for the bride is one of the jaw-dropping trinkets that are stealing the spotlight.

Stylish Gold Women Maang Tikka Design

With time, gold maang tikka has grown into one of the favourite jewellery pieces of Indian women! Ranging from massive pieces to dainty ones, we’ve covered it all for you!

Plain Maang Tikka Design

An outstanding but simple gold maang tikka design works well for any small occasion. Such patterns grant a minimalistic look. Set in 22k metal purity, we have some fantastic tikkas with us. A simple gold chain with a stylish pendant at the forehead looks excellent and sober on any dress. The best part, this gold tikka design can be worn by women of all ages. Pair them with pretty women's gold earrings to slay the look like a pro.

Antique Design

The antique gold maang tikkas are primarily shaped in big round shapes covering almost half of the forehead. But the evolutions of new designs brought a unique design that best suited the bridal trousseau. Our skilled artisans replicate the antique design and look by using 22K gold and embellishing them with Polkis, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, Lakshmi Devi motifs etcetera. Each of our antique tikkas is a true showstopper, and the single piece of tikka solely serves all needs of head ornament.

Latest Design

If you want an impressive look on your wedding day, browse through our latest segment of large maang tikkas. We have gold maang tikka designs for bride in round or oval-shaped, decorated in stones, gems and pearls. If you do not want to wear bulky jewellery weighing you down on your D-day, a hidden maang is a perfect pick for you. 22k Ruby Emerald Gold Maang Tikka, 22k Antique Gold Maang Tikka and 22k Precious Gold Maang Tikka are a few examples. They do not have a chain in the centre part. There is a hook instead that remains covered under the hairstyle. The locket only is seen on the centre of the forehead. 

Gold Maang Tikka Collection for Women at Vaibhav Jewellers

If you are looking for unique maang tikka designs, your hunt is over now. From maang tikka with less detailed and thin designs to the one packed with intricate and bold patterns, we have everything!

Antique Gold Maang Tikka

If there's one accessory that captures all attention and enhances the entire look, it is an antique gold maang tikka. From minimal stone-studded antique gold maang tikka to dramatic ones, all these are the latest trends in antique tikkas that you can wear to any grand event. Uniquely crafted 22k Antique Gold Maang Tikka is worth a mention here. Devi Lakshmi and Polki pendant attached in the centre with multicoloured stone embellishment all around it offers an exciting colour pop to the antique maang tikka. Similarly, the gold peacock motifs look quite traditional and radiate the old-world vibe out of this jewellery. With us, now buy your antique gold maang tikka online at the comfort of your home.  

Pachi Gold Maang Tikka

Pachi art is one of the oldest styles in Indian jewellery. In Pachi, detailed stonework using single un-cut diamonds called Polkis and different semi-precious stones are seen on the ornament's surface, giving it a gorgeous look. Such styles match best with all kinds of traditional attire. Pachi maang tikkas are usually heavy pieces, so pair them with minimum accessories. Wear a simple women gold necklace, and you are all sorted.

Ruby Emerald Gold Maang Tikka

It is perhaps one of the most sought after combinations of recent times. The tranquil effect of emerald and the passionate aura of ruby embellished on the warmth of gold is truly an artistic delight. Our 22K Ruby Emerald Gold Maang Tikka can be an appropriate accessory to take your appearance a notch higher. If ruby emerald fusion is too much for you, ditch it. Ruby and emerald can be worn individually as well. Spice things up with a ruby maang tikka that works excellently with a crimson saree or gown. Likewise, a dainty emerald maang tikka settling on the forehead is for those who don't want to flaunt an elaborate head accessory. It looks elegant and chic at the same time. 

Check Out Gold Maang Tikka for Women by Price and Weight

Maang tikka was a quintessential ornament earlier. However, now it is more of a fashion statement.  Our store has been sparkling with myriad one-tier gold maang tikkas this season. The tier can be a plain chain or have creative designs along with it. For a hassle-free shopping experience, we have arranged maang tikka gold latest designs with price. 

Price Range from ₹21,000 to ₹150,000

Check out our gold maang tikka segment. We have everything from bulky pieces to dainty ones. Just find the perfect tikka for yourself. Our price starts from ₹21,000 can go up to ₹150,000 depending on the complexity of the design. For some extra oomph, enhance your wrist with a sparkling wrist piece—checkout our women gold bracelets. 

Weight Range from 2 grams to 30 Grams

With a weight chart between 0-30 grams, we have tried to present the best of the designs. Suppose you want to buy a lightweight headpiece, checkout pure 1 gram gold maang tikka price. Stylish yet affordable, these are the most popular picks among Gen Z. Besides, the 2-gram gold maang tikka price goes lighter on the pocket. Our stunning collection is a treasure trove. We strive every day to keep up the subtle congruity between fashion and tradition. There is a vast array of 3-gram gold maang tikka price and 4-gram gold maang tikka price, available online. Something like 22K Signity gold Maang Tikka has everything you search for in a lightweight variant—from sophistication to style. Plunge into our collection of maang tikkas within 5 to 10-gram. 22K Gold Maang tikka is one of the most excellent for 5-gram gold maang tikka price. And 22K Precious Gold Maag Tikka falls under the 10-gram gold maang tikka price range.    

All our maang tikkas are stunning and available at the best prices, just a click away!

Benefits of Shopping Women Gold Maang Tikka at Vaibhav Jewellers

Buying maang tikka online can be challenging. You cannot physically check or try the piece before buying. Purchasing an antique maang tikka online requires a leap of faith. So, here are some advantages you can unlock if you shop with us at Vaibhav Jewellers:

Shop Online:

The best part, you don't need to come to our shop. Now you can buy maang tikka gold online to doorsteps just by a few clicks without stepping out. Not just that, you can also get ornaments delivered with ease no matter where you are. Yes, you heard it right! We have a worldwide shipping facility. Just browse through our online catalogue to buy gold maang tikka online.

Free 15 day return policy:

Suppose you are not happy about what you receive. In that case, you can return it within 15 days of purchase with no additional charges.

State of the art Live Video Shopping:

When shopping online, it is tough to get the exact idea of the product's quality. For example, simply looking at an image of a 3-gram gold maang tikka online, you might get apprehensive. Whether or not it is just the thing for you to slay an office Diwali party, you might start wondering. Don't worry! With our Live Video shopping, a jewellery expert can walk you through our collection and answer any queries you have.

EMI Facility:

If you are not willing to pay an enormous price straight away, you can shop on EMI for an affordable purchase. The total cost of your jewellery will be divided into small monthly payments.