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Gold Pendants

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Gold pendants are ubiquitous, from sweet and cheeky birthday parties to passionate dinner dates. The million-dollar question is now: why? Because, when chosen correctly, a small gold pendant may outweigh any large item at any given time. It is undoubtedly the most excellent option if you want to appear refined and classy.

The gold pendant is one of the most popular decorations that has been given a modern makeover or an unexpected twist in recent years.

Are you looking for a meaningful present to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them? Consider our iconic name pendant series in 18k gold. These are pretty adaptable.

Each gold pendant for women designed by Vaibhav Jewellers, aims to meet the demands of every woman, from stay-at-home moms to office workers. Consider the 22k gold pendant sets that we provide. This category includes a well-balanced mix of basic and striking pieces.

Consider wearing a gold necklace to add a dash of pizazz to your outfit. Customers are the focus of Vaibhav Jewellers' service. So far, everything reasonable and fair has remained intact. The gold pendants that we provide are pretty affordable. Instead, their designs will help you stand out from the crowd. 

From the comfort of your own home, you can now buy a gold pendant online through our site. Vaibhav Jewellers offers an extensive selection of gold pendant sets. A single click will take you on a virtual tour of it.

Rather than reserving jewellery for exceptional events, we strive to make every day spectacular.

Modern Gold Pendant Designs

Any woman's favourite at any point in time is a gold pendant. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we offer the finest in class gold pendant designs for ladies at affordable costs.

Antique Gold Pendant Design

We have added a new antique gold pendant design that you can wear with traditional sarees, fusion wear, and Lehangas. An oxidation procedure is used to create antique gold pendant designs for females. Typically, these classic pieces are accompanied by a gorgeous set of gold earrings.

Temple Gold Pendant Design

With Temple pendants, you can now possess the luxury of handmade craftsmanship. Bring the charm of design, elegance, and handmade jewellery into your own house. Temple pendants are the pinnacle of meticulous design; they bring the majesty of ancient temple sculptures to life and reality. Because such traditional big gold pendant designs need skill and attention to detail, it may take up to a year for them to be made and shipped to you.

Gold Chain Pendant Design

The gold chain pendant design is a classic piece of jewellery that everyone has. Every lady has at least one of it in her life. They are perfect gift ideas for any budget. Gold chain pendants from Vaibhav Jewellers range in price, style, and weight. These latest gold pendant designs add an elegant touch to your overall appearance.

New Gold Pendant Design

Unlike its earlier counterparts, modern gold pendant designs for females are multi-functional. Pendant designs have evolved. Combining old and new techniques created some unique new looks. More than often, the new gold pendant design comes with a pair of earrings or a finger ring as part of a pendant set. This pendant set gold new design is liked by girls and ladies aged 10 to 50 as they go with everything.

A beautifully made gold Mangalsutra has always been a dream of any married or soon-to-be-wed woman. So, we offer an outstanding selection of exquisitely created gold pendants for ladies with black beads. 

Ring Gold Pendant Design

The ring pendant design is popular with millennials. Unique patterned jewellery is perennially fashionable, and these are the ideal way to express oneself. Tell your own tale with this one-of-a-kind design that represents your interests and hobbies.

We also provide customising and matching. For example, if you already own a gold pendant, we can design matching gold bangles to complete the set.

Gold Pendants Styles at Vaibhav Jewellers

A gold pendant is any women's predilection at any point in time. We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer the best in class gold pendant designs for women with prices for you to choose with peace of mind.

Gold Mangalsutra Pendant: A beautifully crafted Mangalsutra has always been a desire for any married or bride-to-be. This starts with the search for a perfectly crafted gold pendant for women with black beads. Nothing holds the desires better than a beautiful bridal saree and a pendant gold laced with the love of their spouse. 

Alphabet Gold Pendant: Young people are always on the prowl to get the best of the market has to offer. Be it cosmetics or bling. They always will choose small but the trendiest gold pendant designs over bulky ones. For them specifically, we have come up with the best gold chain with a pendant in the form of an intricate alphabet of your name.

Name gold Pendants: Now the trend is what the wearer wants it to be. Some prefer alphabets but some also prefer the entire name to show on their vogue. Recently, we have experienced a surge in the demand for these types of customized gold pendant sets. Some women even go further by customizing gold rings correspondingly matching their gold pendants even. 

Oversized Gold Pendant: Now, this variety of gold pendant designs is rarely purchased but those who do, are very steadfast about their looks. They want to out-shine anyone and they want to prove their mettle. commitment. So, we bring to you the best in class oversized gold pendant designs for females. 

Religious Gold Pendant: In India, we love to keep our deities very close to our hearts. And nothing fits the bill better than a Gold necklace with a beautifully contrived gold pendant design for females with a customized miniature religious sculptor or pictures. We know this art of customization the best. That is why our collection is second to none in this matter.  

Mythological Gold Pendant: We are so proud of our mythology and we like to flaunt it any way possible. The best way of doing that is with an exquisite mythological gold pendant design with a complementing gold necklace. This gold pendant set can be easily purchased both offline and online.

Gemstone Gold Pendant: If you are looking for a truly unique thing to accentuate your neckline, we suggest you Gemstone Gold Pendant. We guarantee you that you will be the living diva in your circle and you will be revered as a living diva. 

What are you waiting for? Get ready to dazzle with Vaibhav Jewellers.

Check out the Latest Gold Pendant Price

We at Vaibhav Jewellers swear by the concept of ‘Value for money.’ Our quality speaks for itself. We understand that every customer is different. That’s why we make extra effort to design our products to suit the individual preference. We have different products like gold choker, gold rings, and others you must checkout.

There are various pendant designs and sizes available with us from a lightweight gold pendant to a chunky one. Our collection of gold pendants starts from a range of 0.86 grams (approx) to 115.5 grams (approx). We offer customer-friendly pricing too. The gold pendant price starts at ₹ 3000 and can go up to ₹ 6, 00,000.

Those who have the fetish for creating their bold style statement must check out our big gold pendant designs with price. This collection has stunning models like Antique gold Chakra pendant, Antique Mayur Mukut gold pendant, Divine Antique gold pendant, Antique Aarna gold pendant, etcetera.

Walk with us to explore some latest glittering corners of our outlet. How about having a quick look at the 22k gold pendant price? This glitzy series offers ornate baubles in the finest quality of precious metal pieces at an affordable price.

We provide BIS hallmarking for gold, certifying the purity of the metal. When it comes to gold pendants, the rule for wearing them is slightly different from the mangalsutras. A pendant worn on a short chain gives a traditional look. On the other hand, teaming it up with an extra-long chain exudes a modern vibe. The choice is yours.

Add high-quality, stunning gold pendant sets to your jewellery collection. That will stand the test of time.

Women's Gold Pendant Weight Range

Men always find themselves in the choppy waters of dilemma about what to gift to their beloved one on her or their special days. For those men, we have the perfect solution. Gifting a gold pendant is the safest bet. 

For any occasion, be it her own or both of you combined, it simply does not matter. We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer you the widest variety you will ever find in the southern part of India. From name pendant gold to gold Mangalsutra, we have it all. So, finding the perfect gift in the form of pendant set gold has never been easier before. 

And for the ladies constantly refurbishing their jewellery box with passion, a beautifully crafted gold pendant design is a very economically feasible asset and a very astronomically suave enhancement entity. 

Our most exquisite pendant set gold are available between ₹ 3,500 to ₹ 6.5 Lac range in 18k to 24k metal purity.  The best online feature that we have is that you will get our entire catalog of the gold pendant with price, pre-inscribed below the particular pendant gold design of your choice.

With the largest lavish gold pendant designs you can ever lay your eyes on, you never have to worry about neither the occasions for gifting nor the repetition of an earlier gift.


Buy Gold Pendant at Vaibhav Jewellers

Purchase unique modern gold pendant designs for females in a variety of weights and pricing ranges online. Indulge in a gold pendant online shopping as we also provide a plethora of customising and matching options.

Try at Home (Virtual Try-on)

The Virtual Try-on feature is a digital godsend in an era when many of us are fearful of in-store shopping. Due to the underlying augmented reality technology, you can virtually view yourself wearing a favourite simple gold pendant from the comfort of your own home.

Live Video Shopping

Browsing any new gold pendant design online has a few disadvantages as well. You have no way of knowing whether the jewellery you have chosen is as lovely as the photograph depicts. Let's not be worried! Our 'Live Video' shopping experience simplifies the process. You will be able to see your pendant in real-time. Not just that, we will also assign you a jewellery specialist who will explain everything to you.

EMI Facility

Paying the entire balance in one go may not be viable for everyone. As a result, we've introduced the shop on EMI facility. We will spread out the cost of your jewellery in easy monthly instalments. All that is required is that you adhere to a few terms and conditions.

A relaxing and stress-free way of purchasing your gold Jewellery is through EMI. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina offers EMI options on all studded gold Jewellery. Contact our customer care @ +91 9177403000 to know more.

We are often perplexed at the question how best we can style our jewellery and on what attires, women gold pendants can be teamed on plain pearls mala or another gemstone malas, gold haram such as a Gullaperu. You can also use them in a gold necklace design such as the hallow golden orbs model.

Exchange Policy

Are you worried about that old jewellery in your closet? It's time to bid goodbye! With Vaibhav Jewellers' Exchange Policy, you can trade-in your old items for new ones that are trendy. If you are unhappy with the item you got, don't hesitate to contact our web support staff. You can return the items within 15 days after delivery for free.

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