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Gold Vaddanam

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Vaddanams are typical waist belts worn by South Indians for various occasions. They are a mark of tradition and status symbols, especially during weddings. A Vaddanam is called with different names across different regions. In south India, they are popularly called Oddiyanams, waist belts, waist chains, etc. Up north they are famously called Kamarbandh. We at Vaibhav showcase a diverse and distinctive range of Vaddanams.

Different Types of Gold Vaddanam Designs

Antique Vaddanam

Antique Vaddanams are most famous among brides; they are made of oxidized coating giving an element of antiqueness to the item. The dull finish of antique Vaddanam is the highlighting element in it. They are made with Demi Goddess at the center with rich accents of peacocks, paisleys, lotus, etc. on either side.

Pachi Polki Vaddanam

Polki Vaddanams have gained popularity in recent times; they closely resemble diamonds and are also called as uncut. They have the sheen of diamonds with a yellowish tinge with Pachi workmanship. Uncut diamond Vaddanams designs are commonly accentuated with floral, vines, pearl drops, elephants, gold orbs, rubies, and emeralds.

Temple Vaddanam

Temple Vaddanams are a fad, they resemble South Indian temple scriptures in full glory. Temple Vaddanams best suit a Kanjeevaram saree, they offer a fulfillment factor to the attire. Temple Vaddanams give center stage to temple architecture in their design. The present trend of statement images like lord Krishna and his consorts, Goddess Lakshmi with elephants, Asta Lakshmi, Peacocks, elephants, medieval temple miniatures, etc. are the most sort after designs currently.

Gold Vaddanam

Sleek and Stylish gold Oddiyanam are evergreen pieces, which come in two types namely the traditional belt type vaddanam and the chain vaddanam. They are accompanied by gold chains along the line or pearl drops, orbs and other attractive danglers. The customary designs highlight elephants, Goddess Lakshmi, gemstones, etc.

CZ Vaddanam

CZ Vaddanams are one of its kind in terms of radiance, beauty, and charm. They carry an unignorable elegance with them. They are decked with pretty American diamonds or CZs as they are famously called. Inlaid intricately with different patterns, CZ vaddanams come with pearl drops, golden orb danglers, in gemstones, mesh designs, etc.

Vaddanam Models for Bride and Wedding

5 in 1 Vaddanam

Experience the 5 in 1 extravaganza, own a gold kadiyam which turns itself to beautiful gold haram, necklace, locket, and a Vanki. Compositely designed the 5 in 1 Vaddanams hold a key to fulfill five of your jewellery needs at one go. They centrally contain a compelling locket that can be attached and detached as per the need.

Ashta Lakshmi Vaddanam

A classic ceremonial piece, the Ashta Lakshmi Vaddanam exudes grace and delight when adorned. Famous for the holy carving of eight Lakshmi idols across the Vaddanam gives the name Ashta Lakshmi. The cultural significance of Ashta Lakshmi idols is delicately sculpted into a design by our Karigars. Ashta Lakshmi Gold Vaddanam catalogue comes in Antique, Pachi, and Temple workmanship. Customers can also customize by sending the latest gold Vaddanam designs. It ideally comes in the weight range of 250-300gms.

Designer Vaddanam with CZs and South Sea Pearls: Designer Vaddanam pieces are gaining popularity as they look flashy and fancy at the same time. These designer pieces come in floral outlined designs, intricate vine designs with a bold centerpiece studded in ruby or emerald. CZs are studded along the length of the Vaddanam with South Sea Pearls dangling in the front. Some Vaddanam models are populated with CZs in the front, leaving a broad gold chain either side to look at the back.

Gaja Lakshmi Vaddanam

The Gaja Lakshmi Vaddanam is another epic piece designed to get the majestic elegance of elephants to life. The Gaja Lakshmi Vaddanam is designed by carving elephants along the length of Vaddanam. The Vaddanams are designed with a raised Elephant’s trunk as it is considered auspicious. One regular Gaja Lakshmi vaddanam consists of Lakshmi idol in the center and elephants carved either side along the length. The main workmanship is that of Temple, CZs and antique. It ideally comes in the weight range of 125-180gm.

Cocktail Gemstone Vaddanam

Gemstones have been fascinating us since long, the usage of gemstones is gold jewellery gives a degree of charm and poise. They go well with every traditional attire and can be matched with the saree too. Their subtle color gives the Saddam a grand look. Contemporary gemstones such as the rubies, emeralds, south sea pearls, corals, diamond are few of the gemstones that are predominantly used.

Floral Carved Vaddanam

Floral Vines elaborate populated designs and plant themes are drawn across the breadth of the Vaddanam. The wide eclectic work is featured with CZs or inlaid on a pure gold plate with rubies and emeralds studded or in the form of a chain pattern that enables greater ease of wearing as well as extending the length of Vaddanam by adding additional threads.

Simple and Sleek Chain Vaddanam

These are lightweight Vaddanams which come in weight range starting from 80gms and can be customized as per your preference. Their sleek nature makes them popular amongst youngsters and millennials.

Interchangeable Vaddanam

These are theme Vaddanams which are sure to steal the show. They are basically designed to remove the stone blocks which are either studded in ruby or emerald and replace alternately as per your preference.

Tips while choosing Gold Vaddanam Online

The whole theme behind the beauty of Vaddanam is ruled by one factor i.e. Vaddanam Design. Every Vaddanam is unique in its own way some are heavily populated with design while others are sleek, giving an elegant look. Major design combinations are that of abstract floral vines, elephants, Lakshmi idols famously called “The Ashta Lakshmi”, peacocks and gemstone studded central pendant Vaddanams.

Design variations are another aspect one should look for, some vaddanams have detachable gemstones or replaceable stones and are hence used to suit the color of your attire. Especially if you are a vibrant lover of colors, then you shouldn’t miss it.

Look for Vaddanams that subtle and which you can style on multiple attires like fusion and contemporary too.

Some Vaddanams are designed as 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 and some uniquely 7-in-1. These types of all in one Vaddanams have a high reusability factor. These Vaddanams come in a price range of 5Lakhs and above but are a real value for money.

Look for sleek Vaddanam styles with a chain on either side and a central locket design in the middle, they come in lightweight Vaddanam collection and if you have a tight budget, you can surely check these designs.

Another economical option in place of a diamond Vaddanam is the CZs Vaddanam. They offer all the glam quotient of a diamond and the price of diamond vaddanam is cheaper than their diamond counterparts too.

Checkout latest Gold Vaddanam Price with weight

Vaddanam plays a major role in any South Indian marriage. It is a piece of jewellery worn around the waist. Vaddanam gradually evolved into many styles throughout the ages and is worn with a variety of attires from sari to lehengas. Vaibhav Jewellers presents an impressive collection of gold vaddanam in both traditional and modern designs to compliment your look. Be it a small function or a grand wedding, we have something for everyone. Try different gold vaddanam models to find out what looks best on you. If you are a style-savvy diva, our gold vaddanam chain models are going to be your favourite accessory.  Are you a lover of minimalism? If yes, forget chunky bold pieces. It’s time for plain gold vaddanam designs to enhance your waistline seamlessly.

50-gram gold Vaddanam designs: A gold vaddanam in 50 grams is perfect for ceremonies like birthdays, engagements etc. This delicate, dainty and lovely gold vaddanam design is crafted with attention to detail.

100-gram gold vaddanam designs: Browse through the collection of gold vaddanam in the 100 grams section at Vaibhav Jewellers. It is just the thing for those who love to keep things simple yet stylish.  If you want to venture a bit higher in gold weight or price, choose the gold vaddanam in 120 grams. Interestingly, they are neither too heavy nor too light and do the work just well!

150 grams gold vaddanam designs: 150 grams gold vaddanam designs with us are classy and posh. Now flaunt your waistline with these glittering beauties. 

Check gold rate today by clicking on the metal rate feature on the top right. We meticulously update gold prices every day. Gold vaddanam online shopping option at Vaibhav Jewellers helps you in making the right purchase.  Regardless of whenever or wherever you wear a beautiful vaddanam, it has you floored every time.  

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