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Gold Vanki

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Vanki or armlet has been fascinating men and women alike since the pre-historic era. These ornaments can be dated back to the bronze era and the vogue was not specific to the Indian subcontinent as the popular belief goes. But instead, it can be seen in stone carvings all though out the Roman and Greek empires. In yesteryears, gold vanki was worn by men during battles to protect their body parts or prevention of physical harm. Vankis were also a way to show the world their status and enticing envy amongst their peers. While on the other hand, women used it to enhance their overall charm by wearing it with a matching gold ring.

We at Vaibhav Jewellers want to take the opportunity of presenting to you our very own gold vanki designs with price in the form of this particular appurtenance for your wedding day. Now you can celebrate the most important day of your life with a full pump and show. Our collection is huge and available at a price which won’t break your budget.

If bold is your style, there is nothing like a gorgeous antique gold vanki. It creates wonders if worn with heavy saris or anarkalis. Those who want to use this fashion piece regularly, checkout our lightweight gold vanki designs with price. 1 gram gold vanki designs are the most popular ones from the list. Wear them with sleeveless or tank tops and steal the entire spotlight.

We are so proud to bring one of the largest collections of gold vanki designs to your doorstep. Each of them is crafted with impeccable attention to detail to help you to outshine anyone in your group without much effort.

Different Types of Gold Vanki designs

Antique Gold Vanki

Antique Vanki’s are a pure bliss on your arms, where art meets excellence. They come in rich designs of Demi Goddess surrounded with the grandeur of elephants, peacocks, Lotus, paisleys, leaf motifs, and many similar traditional accents. Antique Vanki’s comes with an oxidized coating which gives them the antique quotient and finish.

Temple Gold Vanki

Temple Vanki’s come in the number of designs, each carrying their own story and heritage of the ancient Indian sculptures. They come in design patterns that take us back to a medieval era, some come in matte finish with Demi Goddess as a central piece surrounded by peacocks, elephants, simple florals, net backdrop, pearls or golden danglers, etc. Temple Vanki’s matchless elegance fits with every contemporary attire and occasion; they come in a chain model consisting of an adjustable hook to tweak.

Ruby Emerald Gold Vanki

Ruby and Emerald Vankis are another beautiful categories of Vankis which come decked in rubies and emeralds; they come in traditional inverted V shaped design or a single large locket tapering down either side to an adjustable hook. They are embellished with Czs and diamonds in which rubies and emeralds are studded. Ruby Emerald Vankis match well with fusion and traditional wear, they match well with lehangas and long floor touch gowns too. Whatever may be the attire, they are sure to stand above the ordinary.

Lightweight Gold Vanki Designs

Light Weight Vanki designs are gaining popularity for the sheer usability they offer. They are light in terms of weight and design giving the flexibility to use them on occasions big and small. Some lightweight Vankis go well even on fusion wear making them most sought after. They ideally have an attractive central locket piece extended by a gold chain on either side. Lightweight Vanki’s can be adjusted on the arm; they are not size specific and hence can be used by anyone. Plain gold Vankis also come under this category.

Simple Gold Vanki

Simple Vanki designs are the ones that are made in plain gold, these vanki designs are abstract, they come in a chain model, hence fitment is never an issue. Simple bajuband designs are lightweight, age-neutral, and are available in lower price ranges too. These designs can be adorned by teenagers too for simple family functions, temple visits on Indian, and traditional fusion wear.

Can We Use Gold Vanki as a Gold Choker

Yes you can, Jewellers have now redefined the way you adorn your precious Jewels. Bringing reusability to life. You can now adorn a vanki as gorgeous neckwear too. Multiple uses of a single item of Jewellery not only appeal each of us but brings about value for the money invested. Not just that, a vanki is ideally worn in very few occasions such as weddings, housewarming ceremonies, etc but if you buy a 2-in-1, it can be used as Gold choker also, in turn, this can be used several times.

Latest Gold Vanki Designs for Women Online

Armlets once upon a time were bridal and adornment of the affluent but as time passed they have become a part of common wedding Jewellery for many Indians. Armlets or the gold bajuband has been revived over the years. You can now find several models and designs that are both lightweight and heavy with the workmanship- It is always optional to choose what best suits your taste. While the lightweight designs are sleek, casual, and affordable; the bajuband designs that are loaded with authentic workmanship are intricate, traditional, and are a legacy to pass on. You can find many latest gold vanki designs online, browse through them to get an idea and make an informed decision. If you are still confused contact our Jewellery expert to get a glimpse of all the latest vanki models.

God Vanki Models and Collections

At Vaibhav we believe that design is everything, hence we hold a large variety of gold bajuband designs in varying weight and price ranges. We offer a wide range of Vanki designs apt for both contemporary and fusion wear. Try the Antique gold Vanki designs which are trendy coming in elegant workmanship. For those special occasions try the Antique Bridal Vanki which is intricate and beautiful. Another legacy piece is the Lakshmi gold chain Aravanki design in scallop chains, which is not only traditional but elegant too. An elaborate Ruby and Emerald or the famous gemstone Vanki are another must explore ones.

Wondering How to check your Gold Vanki size

Wondering what would be your vanki size? Here is the good news- they can be adjusted for practically all sizes of arms with very few exceptions that come in a screw-type model, which is recommended to buy instore.
Adjustable with a gold chain at the back or with small silk thread, yet another type is the inverted “V” vanki also called dhanda vanki or aravanki design can be easily pressed and adjusted.

Check out Latest Gold Vanki designs with price

With the largest bouquet of gold vanki designs for you to choose from, we are honour-bound to live up to your expectation and beyond. In addition, we have a unique way of operating online on our website by stating all our vanki designs with weight and price. This way we can be completely transparent about our way of doing business.

So, just dive into the section of gold vanki on our website and search for the perfect design you have been craving for. You need not have to step out of your house too. We are there to assist you through our live video shopping module. Since we have already enlisted our entire inventory of gold vanki designs with price, you would not even shed a single sweat in the process of making a decision of buying one.

The list contains over 75 pieces of vankis including 22k gold plain vanki, ruby floral gold vanki, precious stone vanki, regal antique Lakshmi gold vanki, Padmapatra antique gold vanki etc. The price range is between ₹ 70000 to ₹ 4, 00,000.

We know that this pandemic situation has set all of us back financially, but this should not stop you from updating your jewellery box regularly. We also have an option for gold vanki on EMI!

Our amassment of lightweight gold vanki designs with price will definitely give you the freedom of choosing and owning one very easily and use it to your heart’s content. Now with Vaibhav Jewellers, you can easily get your dream gold accessories, gold mangalsutra and other gold items under the same roof or under the same website, whichever appeals to you the most.

Here is How to Choose a Perfect Gold Vanki For Yourself

The most important aspect while choosing a Vanki design is the occasion. Spend ample time browsing through the latest Vanki designs both online and in-store. If you have liked a Vanki model online, you can very well request to customize it from us. Second, is the amount you would want to spend on the Vanki. We recommend you choose a plain Vanki with strong design-oriented central pendant, it would also be priced marginally and would be a great addition to your Jewellery chest. You can also request for designs that would match your existing gold bangle designs or gold earrings.
If you have chosen a diamond necklace for your big day then you can look at a CZ Vanki to pair it with.

Buy Gold Vanki for Wedding on EMI

You can now buy your gold vanki on EMI, we in association with Jewel Fina offer EMI on the purchase of stone-studded gold Jewellery. You can reach our customer care for more details. The EMI facility is a convenient option to buy especially during weddings & festivals.
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Now, buy Vanki online at Vaibhav Jewellers and take away a host of benefits such as:
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With Vaibhav Jewellers gold Vanki you are sure to bring home a delight. Navigate our collection for the latest Vanki models.


  • Q1. What is Gold Vanki?
    A1. Gold Vanki is a bajubandh or armlet commonly found in the South Indian region..
  • Q2. Where to buy gold vanki online?
    A2. You can buy beautiful gold vanki designs online from Vaibhav Jewellers, one of South India's most renowned traditional jewellery brands.
  • Q3. What is the best suitable weight and karat to buy gold vanki?
    A3. Vanki's weight is personal taste. Our collection contains pieces weighing from 10-20 gms, 20-30 gms, 30-50 gms, 50-70 gm. Designs set in 22K gold receive our highest recommendation for karat value..
  • Q4. What is the difference between a gold vanki and a gold bracelet?
    A4. Gold Vanki is a decorative band typically worn around the arm, whereas a gold bracelet is an ornamental band, hoop, or chain worn on the wrist.