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Dapper Gold Chains for Men: Shop Masculine Chain Designs at Their Finest

Our design concept for men's jewelry is to keep things simple and stylish. Unparalleled craftsmanship and the finest materials are evident in our new range of gold chains for men. Every man should buy gold chains online from Vaibhav Jewellers to complete his accessory collection. Men have worn our chains throughout the world for their functionality, identification, and clean design. By exacting their form, recognizing their function, and introducing new customizing possibilities for today's contemporary man, we preserve the integrity of these masterpieces for today's man. We've got you covered from a plain chain, Nawabi chain, Rope chain, Rajput chain, and fancy chains. Complete your look with an exquisite men's gold ring, bracelet, or watch. It is tough to predict a standard gold chain for men price India as it varies from time to time as per the market gold rate.

Make your Special Occasions with Our Latest Men's Gold Chain Designs

From flamboyant and confident to casual and sophisticated, Vaibhav Jewellers' men's jewelry collection embodies the modern man: a style arbiter with a keen eye for quality. This collection has gold chains for men, bracelets, rings, and watches. 

Our men's gold chains designs are pretty popular among our clients.  They are one-of-a-kind creations. According to current market prices, these neck ornaments are likewise reasonably priced. You can always check gold chain designs with prices on our website while making a purchase. What all we have, let's have a quick peek. 

Nawabi Gold Chain Designs

If you're unsure what sort of gold chain you want, a Nawabi one is an excellent place to start. This stunning design incorporates both style and usefulness. Wearing Nawabi neck chain designs for men is a sure way to pull attention. This one has a regal feel about it, as the name suggests. This gents gold chain design will look fantastic with your ethnic attire if you're attending an event. These are the most incredible gold chains for guys when it comes to adaptability. Its weight and design complexity influence the price of a Nawabi-patterned gold chain for men. At this time, we only have a few Nawabi chains in stock. This Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Short Nawabi Chain (64VP9447) is the lowest at ₹119,400, while the most costly (64VR7140)costs ₹177,000.

Rope Gold Chain Designs

The rope chain is one of the most elegant gold men's accessories. The double helix structure of gold creates it. Wires are twirled around each other and then twisted to join them. When it comes to men's jewelry, this is a popular chain kind that is frequently thick. If you're looking for something sure to get people talking, this style is for you! This specific chain design for men is more apt for casual outings than formal ones. Looking for an extra oomph? The chic gold chains are our first recommendation. They are a great way to make a statement without going over the top.

Rajput Gold Chain Designs

Jewelry has always been associated with Rajput males. This royal dynasty is known for its extravagant jewelry, including turban ornaments, beaded necklaces, statement rings, and earrings. During British India's colonial era, Rajput princes wore livery collars, sometimes known as chains of office. Eventually, Rajput's long chain gold design for men underwent significant alterations. The latest patterns are lighter and more contemporary than their predecessors. Gents chain models online crafted with a dash of Rajputana vibe are now available on our website. With a gold ring, you can instantly add the energy of glitz to your attire. This season, we've come up with several creative finger jewelry designs for men. Daily-wear rings, religious rings, navaratna rings, and engagement rings fly off the shelves.

Fancy Men's Gold Chains Design

You can choose from many fancy real gold chains for men in our collection. Each has a specific message to convey. An understated aesthetic pervades these neckpieces. Gold ear studs may often be paired with this style of chain. You get a timeless, classic appearance that everyone will notice, no matter who wears it. Long-chain gold design for men has a respective fan base, but the short pattern among contemporary gentlemen is perhaps the most popular. If you're searching for a necklace that rests nicely between your collarbones, we have fancy designs with the correct length for you. Needless to mention that the sleek style goes well with just about anything you'd wear to a laid-back gathering. Besides the typical types, there are some new additions for young fashion lovers. We provide a gold chain with pendant designs for individuals who like an extra bit of glimmer. If yellow gold isn't your style, consider rose gold chain designs for men. They are equally fashionable.

Wearing a gold chain as a statement item is excellent to accessorize. It doesn't matter how it's made. Our entire gold chain design catalog for males has an intimidating and stylish aspect. As a result, it goes well with both business casual and more formal clothes. It's up to you, so go for it!

Check Out Best Gents Gold Chains Collections at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold chains for men are one of the most used valuable men's accessories. However, it isn't easy to find the perfect chain to fit your daily outfits like any other jewelry. Our team at Vaibhav Jewellers has developed an in-depth catalog with all the specifics you need. Here are the two most important ones:

Gold Chains Based on Price

It should be simple knowledge that a budget is required before purchasing valuable goodies like a new gold chain for men. This budget can be tough to follow as there are many more options for a small gold chain with prices higher than your budget. However, if you choose to look through our online website, there are options to sort by prices to help get a specific chain. The male gold chain price range goes from ₹30,000 to ₹3,18,000.

Gold Chains Based on Sizes & Weight

When purchasing jewelry, price is not always the problem. It is how it fits and how comfortable your thin gold chain is. However, on our website, you can check the weight and size of your jewelry by scrolling down below the product. We have a 20-gram gold chain for men on the heavier side, while our options for a 5-gram gold chain for men are the lightest. As for the sizes, we have a long chain with pendant gold, short chains, thin and thick chains, and more. If you are looking to mix and match with your child, you can browse our comprehensive collection of kids' bangle designs and kids' rings designs made exclusively for the shine and safety of children.

Why Buy Gold Chains for Men from Vaibhav Jewellers

Jewelry is stereotyped to be worn by only women. However, this doesn't seem right. Men also deserve the shine, and our collection of exquisite gold chains for men proves this statement. Now, you probably have a question right after you read that statement: "Why shop for a chain design for men at Vaibhav Jewellers?" This article is an answer to your question. 

We have hundreds if not thousands of the best gold chain designs for men you can choose from. Not only that, you may find the gold chain for men's prices reasonable with the quality. 

We have a much good quality gold chain design for men with prices you can afford. We also have tons of Gold Bracelets for men to mix and match and Gold Mangalsutras for women. You can try them out by opting in for our try at home feature, where an employee visits your home and gives you the jewelry you are interested in buying to try out to see if they are perfect. If you cannot visit one of our stores, you don't need to! 

You can opt into our Live Video Shopping experience, where we connect you to a professional who can walk you through our collection. You can also use our Virtual try-on feature powered by Augmented Reality to try it with your camera. If you are looking for one with a photo, you can look for our collection of gold chain lockets for men, where you can customize them to add pictures.

As for purchasing, you can use our E.M.I facility if you cannot afford your jewelry, so we divide the prices into monthly payments.


Which gold chain is best for men?

Men's cable chain necklaces are the most popular design. It's a chain with oval links.

Solid 22k or 18k gold chains survive the longest. Daily-wearable 22-karat gold jewelry is recommended.

The standard gold chains for men are 20-24 inches long—20" rests between the first and second buttons of shirts. 22" and 24" move lower on the chest.

What is the price of a 10-gram gold chain?

Vaibhav Jewellers' 22k gold chain for men in 10 grams costs between ₹52,000 and ₹56,000 (approx), depending on the model. Based on the complexity of the design, the pricing may differ.

How much does a 22k gold chain cost?

Men's 22k gold chain from Vaibhav Jewellers may cost as low as ₹30,000 and go up to as high as ₹317,000. The cost may vary according to the degree of intricacy of the design.