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Latest Diamond Rings for Women Online

Diamonds for long have been synonyms with love, they stand out to the gem of gems and a priceless possession one can own. The air of sophistication and grace that encompasses diamonds is well beyond words to describe. There is something about diamonds that make them surpass every other Jewellery item. Diamond bangles, Diamond studs and diamond rings stand apart from other diamond counterparts such as diamond necklaces, hangings or diamond Haram for the sheer fact that they can be used on a daily basis. Their indispensable charm makes them dear to own. Diamond rings are a sign of highness, bringing along with it a charm that is centuries old. Over the years several diamond ring designs, settings and variations have come out. Diamond rings for women also hold a sentimental value along with the bond of togetherness.

Is Diamond a good gift for Valentine day? Wife? Fiancée?

Diamonds have for long been associated with being pure, precious and are synonyms to being one of its kind. Their rarity and crystal clear purity make them ideal for gifting your loved ones. Diamond rings especially have been a symbol for expressing one’s feelings, it is an ultimate gift anyone receives or present someone with. In western countries, it is predominantly used as an engagement ring, the trend has now slowly passed to Indian weddings too. Diamond rings profound beauty makes them special for proposing your love. Other than proposing, diamond rings are also presented or bought on milestone occasions in life for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions like the arrival of a newborn, graduation gifts, christening etc. You can pair them up with the latest gold earring designs to make it a set to gift.

Diamonds Purity & Authenticity @Vaibhav Jewellers

For all those first time buyers, all the diamonds in the diamond Jewellery sold at Vaibhav Jewellers are certified and 100% authentic. At Vaibhav, we sell diamond Jewellery very transparently with a proper billing system in place along with an SGL grading certificate specifying the grade, colour, clarity and number of diamonds along with the image of the Jewellery. While buying a diamond ring online you would be given a certificate issued by the SGL (Solitaire Gemological Laboratories) which is a renowned diamond grading company.

Different types of Diamond Ring Designs @ Vaibhav Jewellers

There are numerous latest diamond ring designs online at our portal and below are the handpicked diamond ring design for female and teenagers.

Two-Tone Diamond Rings:

A combination of white gold and yellow gold, the two-tone diamond ring designs are a fad.

Couple Bands:

Diamond Engagement rings are picking popularity as couple bands. They are graceful and minimal in design.

Platinum Diamond Rings:

The platinum rings are also fast gaining popularity as wedding rings and for the purpose of gifting.

Gold Diamond Rings:

Pure gold rings with diamonds studded are bliss to own. These rings have either one or multiple diamonds studded in them in various intricate designs.

Cocktail Diamond Rings:

Cocktail rings are basically oversized rings either with or without a Hath Phool. They are apt for party wear and weddings.

Uncut Diamond Ring:

Uncut Diamond rings are also called as Polkis. They are made of diamonds that did not undergo a polishing stage while production and hence are called uncut. They have a gleaming shine of a diamond, can be used as a replacement to diamonds.

Diamond Ring Model Collections

Prong settings:

A common setting for diamond rings where a claw-shaped binding with either 3, 4 or 6 legs is designed to mount the desired stone into the setting.

Bezel Setting:

Bezel Setting is a type of setting used in Jewellery to fit a diamond or precious gemstones in the design. In this type of setting, the gold/platinum metal runs along the entire edge of the gemstone to hold it in place.

Channel Setting:

A channel setting is a type of mounting in which gemstones are set into a channel made from two gold stripes. Large diamond cocktail rings use this type of setting.

Tension Setting:

A tension ring is a type of finger ring that holds a gemstone in place by exerting pressure onto the gemstone, and tiny etchings or grooves in the metal create a shelf that supports the gemstone's edges to perfectly sit in the setting. The large single diamond ring is usually set in this type of setting. It is also a sought after setting for diamond engagement rings.

Melee Setting:

Another lesser-known setting in diamond rings for women is the melee setting, ideally for setting petite diamonds alone in a beautiful design. Types of Diamond Ring designs at Vaibhav Jewellers

Diamond Rings Price and Weight range

Unlike a uniform gold price with plus or minus hundred rupees variation, diamonds price in India largely varies with Diamond clarity & colour. At Vaibhav, a real diamond ring price starts from INR 10,000 at a weight range of 1.5gms. It goes up to INR 1 lakh and above, depending on the colour and clarity of the diamond-studded and metal usage. The diamond ring cost is calculated as per the prevailing gold price as of that day plus diamonds cost and GST.

Buying Diamond Ring online

Buying diamond rings online is often seen with scepticism, you may find alluring diamond ring designs online but hesitate to take that next step. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we make your decision easy. You can rest assured on the quality, delivery and diamond certification when you shop with us. Diamond rings for women have always been a sentiment for some and a pride purchase for some, no matter the reason diamond rings surely top the list in once treasure chest.

Diamond Rings for Wedding only @ Vaibhav Jewellers

At Vaibhav, you can find a diversified design range of ladies diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, cocktail diamond rings, etc. for you to choose from. Another category of diamond rings for girls, teenagers, millennial women are the wedding bands- elegant and graceful the wedding diamond rings come studded with either a single diamond or a trace of diamond carved in beautiful floral, abstract and latest patterns. You can also request to customize with your initials, dates or names embossed on them.

Buying a Diamond ring on EMI

Vaibhav jewellers in association with JewelFina facilitates customers with Fast, hassle-free and easy instalments. Purchasing a diamond ring on EMI is just a few steps business. Rech our customer service team @ +91 9177443000 who will take you through the process.

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