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The practice of proposing marriage with diamond engagement rings dates back to the 1400s. Today, many couples choose diamond-encrusted engagement rings with conventional designs. It is the ideal approach to enhance the luster of your engagement ring.

This piece of jewellery will be a treasured keepsake for your partner for the rest of her life. Thus, choosing the appropriate diamond engagement ring design is necessary. The question is, where do you begin?

Check out the gorgeous engagement rings designs in diamond with price available at Vaibhav Jewellers' online shop to pick up the perfect fit for yourself.

Online purchase of diamond rings is generally looked at with suspicion. Despite the allure of the designs, many people hesitate to purchase. You can rely on Vaibhav Jewellers to make the process simple for you. Shop with us, and you can be confident in the quality, shipping, and diamond certification.

Check Out Engagement Diamond Rings Designs

Try one of our diamond engagement rings if you're preparing to propose to the love of your life. Beauty, purity, and superb artistry are guaranteed in each of our rings. Get started with one of the latest engagement ring designs in diamond with weight available.

The brilliant round cut is the most common stone shape for diamond engagement rings models. Because of their exceptional light performance and versatility, round brilliant-cut diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and earrings.

For a more unusual look, pear, marquise, and oval-cut diamonds stand out and elongate your fingers, while trillion-cut diamonds glitter in a contemporary triangular design. For the minimalist bride-to-be, choose baguette diamond rings for women that eliminate the need for a centre stone. There are also heart-shaped diamonds, which speak for themselves, for romantic ones.

We offer a variety of popular engagement ring settings, including prong and solitaire settings, bezel settings, tension style settings, channel settings, pavé settings, halo settings, and three-stone settings. Each engagement ring type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For instance, some designs are light, simple, and beautiful, perfect for your fiance who appreciates simple, timeless beauty. A few Fancy Diamond Rings are more ornamental, with pavé or halo diamonds and engraving. Others are built to last, making them ideal for people who are always on the go.

Choosing the right diamond engagement ring setting is essential to look your best on your D-day. In the end, it all comes down to personal taste and inclination, as well as the wearer's daily routine. Consider the frequency with which the ring will be cleaned and maintained since specific settings demand more attention than others.

Solitaire rings with a single mounting are ideal for people who want simple rings with a perfect amount of glow. For a more casual appearance, a smaller stone is preferable. On the other hand, bigger ones are deemed more appropriate for a night out. If you don't like the idea of a simple mounting, consider a diamond-studded one. Couples are becoming more inventive than ever regarding the ring design. Individuals are increasingly customising their diamond engagement rings designs in South Indian style by adding a layer of volume and character.

Switch diamond rings are an excellent choice for people who love to explore designs beyond conventional boundaries. This theme exudes excellence and creativity at every turn.  We have around 15 switch rings in our collection. They aren't the most costly, but they're nonetheless awe-inspiring. For a long-term relationship, Switch engagement rings are the best option because of their high level of artistry and enduring qualities. For example, look at Vaibhav Jewellers' 18K Diamond Switch Ring (148DG9421). Enjoy the best of both worlds - on one side; the majesty of small white diamonds with blue stone powers is on display. On the other hand, the blue is complimented with tiny red stones. This mood-lifting, elegant 18K gold-plated bauble is ideal for matching your vibe and enhancing the lover within you.

Our diamond rings for men are available in sizes 18 to 24, while our rings for women are from 8 to 15. If you're unsure about your ring's size, you may look it up in an online ring size guide.

Explore Women Engagement Diamond Rings by Price

Diamond engagement rings designs have traditionally been connected with purity, rarity, and uniqueness, making them an exclusive symbol. It is a fantastic way to show someone you care. To express oneself, diamond rings have traditionally been the best choice. However, shopping for them should be carefully done as they are expensive. Here are ways to look for diamond rings to buy.

The diamond engagement rings with price changes according to the quality of the diamond are used on them. Diamond quality is determined by cut, clarity, and colour. So its price varies with cut, clarity, and colour. In particular, the price of a 4-carat diamond varies from ₹79,000 to ₹78, 00,000 per carat. We have a large variety of engagement rings designs in diamond with prices you may find reasonable.

Due to lower overhead expenses and direct sales to consumers, purchasing a diamond ring online is less expensive than buying the ring in a physical shop.

Now that you have a general understanding of diamond engagement ring pricing, you can start shopping for a diamond ring. Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the most incredible venues to do it. You can quickly compare the rings and decide the one you want. Additionally, the diamond rings are authenticated and guaranteed to be genuine.

Trending Engagement Diamond Rings Collections

It's a well-known fact that each diamond engagement ring glows differently, and determining which one appeals to you is an excellent place to begin. Consider what is significant to you in daily jewellery. Do you like a more contemporary aesthetic or visit thrift stores searching for your next great vintage find? Do you wish to extend the appearance of your fingers, or do you want a rock that seems to be enormous? We provide a broad selection of diamond engagement ring designs considering all of these criteria.

Diamond Solitaire Rings 

Our solitaire engagement rings have always been a popular choice, and although other design fads may go away, the solitaire is here to stay. The cut and clarity of your diamond are crucial in this setting—classic round brilliant or trendy princess cut. Choose anything that matches your personality.

Pave Engagement Rings

They ooze opulence, with diamonds covering the whole surface of the band, producing a continuous sparkling surface. Why settle for a single stone when you may have an entire row that sparkles in every direction?

Three Stone Rings

Traditional designs have a huge diamond in the centre, flanked by two lesser stones. But newer patterns incorporate side stones that are approximately the same size or even equal to the centre stone to show the relationship's constancy and everlasting quality of love.

Silvigo Diamond Rings are another alternative if you're seeking a refined design with a gorgeous dual-tone setting. It is crafted entirely of gold, silver, and diamonds. They offer unmatched elegance and chicness to their appeal. Wear them with dazzling necklace designs in diamonds to make a statement on your big day.

Instead of diamonds, many couples choose conventional gemstone engagement rings designs. These non-diamond engagement rings are also cheaper since gems are less expensive.

The Navratna diamond ring collection is the newest addition to our gemstone ring collection. "Nine Gems (Nava)" or "Nine Ratnas" are the meanings of the Sanskrit compound phrase "Navaratna." It's breathtaking to see multicoloured gems enclosed in gold with an intricate setting. Make a statement with these rings! 

Among jewels, a pearl is one of the most feminine and romantic. Choose a white gold or platinum pearl ring if you want a more refined aesthetic. A yellow gold setting with pearls is another option. These traditional pearl engagement rings are a great way to bring a little bit of the past into the present.

An engagement is a two-way street, and he will also require a ring. Keep in mind what kind of metal he might want to wear. Does he like diamonds or have a penchant for plain gold rings for men? Even on a simple gold ring, the details matter.

The most important thing is that you and your fiancee are satisfied, regardless of what kind of ring you choose. We'll do our best to give you the best.

Latest Diamond Engagement Rings with Weight

Our engagement rings diamond designs with weight range from 1 gram to 20 grams. The prices start at ₹6,500 and may cost up to ₹265,000. Vaibhav Jewellers has a wide variety of diamond ring styles in its inventory, from affordable to high pieces.

If you're on a budget, one gram diamond jewellery engagement rings are your best bet. These are delicate and fashionable items with just the right amount of shine and shimmer. The price rises as you climb up on the weight ladder. The diamond engagement ring designs in 20 grams weight category are show stoppers. The glitz and elaborate motifs are versatile enough to be worn independently.

For diamonds, carat is a weight measurement (one-fifth of a gram, to be precise), not a size measurement. Common sense doesn't always work when comparing carat weight and size. Because various gem materials have differing densities (mass per volume), two stones of the same carat weight may seem to be significantly different in size. For example, since ruby is denser than diamond, diamond engagement rings designs in 30 grams appear larger than a ring studded with a ruby of similar weight.

Additionally, how a diamond is cut affects its apparent size. The carat weight does not always correspond to its apparent size since each diamond shape wears its weight differently. For example, elongated forms such as pear and oval cut diamonds are broader and more flat than brilliant round and Asscher cuts. So, if diamond engagement rings designs in 40 grams cost lesser than a 20-gram ring, don't get surprised. The cut may be the reason. However, carat weight significantly influences the price of fine jewellery.

Despite their carat weight, specific diamond shapes look more brilliant than others. Opt for an oval, pear or marquise cut diamond for your diamond engagement rings design for a more affordable piece. Cushion, Asscher, and princess cut diamonds might look smaller due to their deeper depth percentages. But they fall on the higher side of the price scale. If you choose diamond engagement rings designs in 50 grams, the chances are high that it will be a bespoke item which might cost an extortionate amount. Lastly, the ring's price is affected by the band's weight—the narrower the band, the lighter and affordable the ring. Diamonds, like gold, fluctuate in price. Please research diamond engagement rings with prices and choose the right fit.

Shop Beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers

If you're a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, our diamond engagement rings are sure to catch your eye. Our inventory features a variety of popular styles, ranging from single mounted solitaire settings to diamond cluster settings.

If you want two individual rings rather than a set, there are also options for that. 

A large number of couples still prefer gold over diamonds. As a result, there are gold rings for women and men segments. We offer yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold rings in different styles and patterns. You have the choice of selecting the product's Karat weight, which ranges from 14KT to 18KT to 22KT. True, the heavier the ring, the more costly it is!

We understand that the present economic climate has had a negative influence on everyone's financial situation, but this should not prevent you from frequently updating your jewellery collection. Keeping that in mind, we also have an option for engagement rings on EMI! Additionally, we offer an array of lightweight ring designs at a price point that allows you to choose and own one and use it to your heart's delight.

Since 1994, Vaibhav Jewellers has been giving the best jewellery to customers throughout the globe. Since our inception, we have become one of the most reputable and well-reviewed brands in the market.