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Buy Gold Chain for Women Online

Do you want a perfect gold chain for women for your outings or your loved ones? Check out Vaibhav Jeweller's gold chain collection on our websites or at the nearest store today.

We have multiple options for gold chains for girls for either an occasion like Diwali, Onam, or even a regular outing! Our gold chains for women consist of simple chains, rope chains, Thali chains, daily wear chains, and fancy chains. You can try your favourite gold chain for the girls' segment too, which is especially dedicated to youngsters. If you are apprehensive about going out during the pandemic, you can avail our virtual try-on feature right from your home and make a purchase.

 The price for the simple chains ranges from ₹ 51,000 INR to ₹ 290,000 INR with a chain's gold purity of 22KT. As for the Rope chains' price range starts from ₹ 1, 03,000 INR to ₹ 1, 82,000 INR with a gold purity of 22KT. Our Dailywear gold chains price ranges from ₹ 36,000 to ₹ 2, 08,000 INR, and our fancy chains cost ranges from ₹ 82,000 to ₹ 3, 18,000 INR. As for something to match the shine of your brand new gold chain, we have an extensive collection of the most recent gold earrings design to choose from that will enhance your beautiful face. The price of the product may vary from time to time, depending on the gold rate of any particular day. 


Types of Gold Chain Designs

A gorgeous gold chain is a timeless piece in any jewellery collection. We would like to say don't be afraid to experiment with it. We have a myriad of gold chains for women for you to earn some extra points in your style record. We have everything from a simple gold chain design to swanky partywear gold chain designs. If truth be told, there are probably no gold chain designs for women trend we don't partake in. 

We enlist a few excellent statement pieces to enhance your out-of-the-world party look. At the same time, we also showcase some minimalist styles that can be layered without overwhelming your face. 

Say Hello to Simple Gold Chain Design

When we talk about gold chain designs for ladies, simple gold chains top the leaderboard. The simple look makes them perfect wear for working-class women. If you're looking for a conventional everyday chain that you don't need to take off, a simple gold chain weighing between 5 to 20 grams is a great choice. If you're looking for something more ornate, choose a thicker chain between 30 to 50 grams or above. You can layer these types of gold chains of different lengths for everyday versatility.

Rock it with Rope Gold Chain Design

It has been one of the most popular gold chain designs for girls year after year. The chain has tiny links that form a twisted, spiral-like pattern, just like a rope. A rope gold chain is worn by a range of women, from people in business to fashionistas. They can either be paired with other gold pieces or worn to stand alone as the focal point of your appearance.  

Time to Twinkle with Thali Gold Chain Design

The Thali gold chain has much significance in South Indian culture. It is an auspicious neckpiece that the groom ties around his bride's neck during their wedding ceremony. The elegant and beautiful style of the Thali gold chain looks fantastic by itself. We have some exceptional designs to help you to carry the charm of a newlywed bride every day. 

Feel the Magic of Fancy Gold Chain Design

A Fancy gold chain is the neck chain choice for a woman with poise. Wearing a fascinating fancy chain means you know what you want and won't settle for less. The unique and peppy looks of these neckpieces create a harmonic combination. These charming designs can be styled into any look, whether it involves a T-shirt and jeans or a party gown. Go for your preferred length for these types of gold chains and rock it with confidence. You can also pair a long gold chain design with a striking gold pendant.

Don Your Daily wear Gold Chain Design.

A daily wear gold chain design is elegant enough for a business meeting. At the same time, it is cool enough to attend a friend's birthday bash. We have different types of gold chains for day-to-day wear. Complement your look with a pair of dazzling earrings or exquisite gold bangles.  

All our pieces of jewellery are BIS certified. Your favourite jewellery won't tarnish or fade even after regular use.  

Check out the Latest Gold Chains for Women with Price

Gold Chains are in trend for since long. However, modern women demand a more pragmatic approach to wearing jewellery. Thus, contemporary thinkers have given some stylish yet practical twists to the latest gold chains for women.    

We often get asked, “Where should we start from?” as different types of gold chains are available today. We would like to say don’t be terrified by the idea of building your unique gold collection. We have sorted out gold chain designs with prices to make things easy for you. 

Gold Chains Under 20000

In this category gold chain for women's price stays at the ground level. These neckpieces are simple and less sturdy because the gold used is lesser in weight.

Gold Chains Under 30000

These gold chains for women are ideal for daily wear. They are not only pocket-friendly but also lighter on your neck. 

Gold Chains Under 50000

The gold chain designs with prices below ₹50,000 are a bit on the hefty side. The designs are bolder as compared to the previous two price ranges. 

Gold Chains under 1 lakh

As the price range goes up, so does the weight. This segment of the gold chain for women is mainly comprised of party wear pieces.

*Weight and price may vary subject to the metal rate and making cost.

Explore Gold Chains for women with Weight Range

Gold Chains are essential in any woman’s jewellery collection. They’re an expense that will never go out of fashion and can be worn with anything. Gold chains offer a touch of élan. 

Let’s discuss the prices of the gold chains and some weight ranges to help you get that perfect shine!

5 Gram Gold chain

Let us start with something light to the neck, like a 5-gram gold chain. When we talk about affordability, the 5-gram gold chain price is relatively low. These lightweight chains that carry trendy designs are popular among millennials.

10 gram Gold chain

Likewise, the 10-gram gold chain designs with price for women are a bit heavier than the designs of 5 grams. The segment of 10-gram gold chain designs with price tags comes with some cute pieces to adorn your neckline.  

15 gram Gold chain

Next on our weight list are the 15-gram gold chain designs with price ranges. These chains are practical, comfy and chic- suitable for gifting as well as regular wear.

30 to 60 gram gold chain

One of the heaviest in the list here is the 30-gram gold chain designs with a price range. These chains look the best with Sarees on occasions like wedding ceremonies and functions. They will never fail to amaze anyone who lays their eyes on you.

Now let us talk purity.

22KT Gold chain

22kt gold chain is the most popular form of gold chain you can get when it comes to purity. The 22kt gold chain price keeps on fluctuating as per the market rates. We can tell you one thing that these are the best on occasions and everyday outings. They can be a treasured addition to your extensive collection of jewellery.  We also have some stunning short and long gold mangalsutra set in 22KT purity for the married women.


Shop Women's Gold Chain at Vaibhav Jewellers

There is a perfect set of gold chains for the perfect woman, and we have them at Vaibhav Jewellers. Want one? Visit our page or the closest branch of our store today!

If you are looking for the perfect gold chain models for all of your perfect occasions, you can turn to us, as we have an extensive collection of gold chains for women, JUST for the perfect outing!  

Whether it be a wedding, a traditional festival, a function, or even a typical party, our gold chain designs will never fail to impress everyone who sees you. Our chains have prices that update every day with the gold rate. Our gold chains prices start from ₹ 36,000 and can go up to ₹ 5, 08,000 with 18KT to 22KT gold purity. 

If you are looking for a lighter option, you can also sort by weights of the chains, which range from 5 GMS to 20 GMS. 

As for purchasing the gold chains designs, we are fully aware that, unfortunately, everyone is facing a financial crisis one way or the other during these trying times. However, we have given you the option not to worry. You can get your gold chain on EMI, which helps you give us a sum of money every time you can spend every month for convenience.