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Beautiful rings on a woman's fingers are essential. You may wear any jewellery to a party, but stunning gold rings for women will always complete your style. They signify affection and determine the wearer's style. 

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we make the latest gold fancy rings inspired by worldwide fashion trends suitable for everyday use. Whether flowery, two-tone, stone-studded or open setting, if it's in vogue this season, you'll find it in our best fancy model gold rings designs!

You no longer have to be in the same city to get the latest fancy gold ring design. The days of sifting through hundreds of items to find just the right one are over. Sign in to Vaibhav Jewellers to explore a world of hassle-free shopping where you can buy gold fancy rings from the comfort of your home and have your order delivered directly to your doorstep at lightning speed. We are committed to providing the most incredible value for money while still delivering high-quality products.

Plain and Fancy Gold Rings Designs

Most people can't seem to strike the correct mix between a stylish appearance and suitability for the workplace. The ring you wear every day should be simple and attractive, but it should also be current and fashionable. Isn't it a tricky combo to put together? There's nothing to be concerned about! The fancy design gold rings at Vaibhav Jewellers have been made to make it easy for you to get that desired appearance.


  • If you're looking for a gold ring that looks great on you and is comfortable to wear every day, consider our plain gold rings. They strike the ideal combination of flair and sobriety. You can wear these beautiful rings on as many different outfits as you choose. They look stunning with any clothing.
  • Lovely floral-shaped fancy rings gold is a fantastic addition to your collection of jewellery. Our line of flower-inspired rings enhances their appearance and feel. Wear these with anything, and you will not feel out of place.
  • Women's gold rings fancy design from our butterfly collection. They are trendy right now, and females swoon over their little, charming butterfly looks. A butterfly is a symbol of strength and beauty.   Our adorable fancy rings in gold with a butterfly secure them to your finger. They are slim and fashionable enough to attract attention without being overpowering.
  • Open rings are very utilitarian since they are much more adaptable than standard rings. Our Glam & Glitz line has open rings with a slight gap that allows for an approximate half-ring size expansion. These gold fancy rings design are embellished with exquisite exotic coloured stones, set in 14 karat gold.
  • You may have the sparkle of diamonds without breaking the bank by wearing Cubic Zirconia or CZ. An artificial diamond alternative with a low price tag is what this product is all about. You can wear these fancy gold rings to work or a Friday night outing. They never make you feel awkward. 

Vaibhav Jewellers' expert craftsmen meticulously created these distinctive categories of gold rings fancy for you for a long-lasting impact. Our fascinating fancy design rings in gold have a lot to offer and should be considered while looking for the ideal ring.

Check Out Fancy Gold Rings with Price

Our ring size guide will assist you in selecting the appropriate size, even if you are not sure of your finger size. The price of a fancy gold ring is primarily determined by its manufacturing process, metal purity, weight, width, and design intricacy. Handmade fancy gold rings design are always costlier than machine-made ones. Rings weighing as little as 1 gram up to as much as 6 grams are available for purchase on our website. You'll discover fancy gold rings beginning as little as ₹5,000 and it may cost up to ₹55,000 for the most intricate designs. We adjust the price of our jewellery following the market gold rate of the day.

EMIs, or simple equated monthly payments, help make our latest fancy rings gold design more accessible while also ensuring the security of online transactions. Gold jewellery on finance enables you to get what you want without sacrificing your regular budget. Buying gold on EMI doesn't need breaking a sweat since payback terms range from 6, 9, 12, to 24 months.

You can now buy fancy rings gold online. Due to Vaibhav Jewellers' online presence on digital jewellery marketplaces, the brand can reach out to high-end jewellery buyers in the city and other parts of the globe via reliable delivery partners.

Because you have put your faith in us, we only offer genuine BIS hallmarked fancy gold rings. Always ask for a receipt and a certificate with your jewellery purchase.

Latest Plain Gold Rings Collections

Gold ring designs that are traditional will never go out of style. However, contemporary gold ring designs reflect the millennial generation's penchant for clean, modern aesthetics. Bearing that in mind, Vaibhav Jewellers' creative staff stays updated on fashion trends and crafts stylish designs. Whether you shop at our physical or online store, you have many latest options to choose from.

If you're new to the world of jewellery, you can check Vaibhav Jewellers’ plain gold rings for women to find the appropriate fit. You can adjust the breadth, weight, and style to suit your tastes.

From there, you can take a step forward toward your rings design exploration by buying one floral gold ring. This year's jewellery trend is floral-inspired! That is why we created our Floral Collection. These fancy rings design gold add the necessary sparkle to an ultramodern look. They are understated in look yet trendy and may be worn daily. Superior design is appropriate for any occasion and does not seem showy.

Fancy gold rings are the peak of fashionable ornaments in the world of the ring design. These masterpieces are awe-inspiring because they are both chic and ageless. Choose a gold bracelet from our collection to add a touch of class to your ensemble.

There are also sections dedicated to guys, despite the fact that our jewellery category caters predominantly to female clientele. The gold rings for men top the list of men jewellery. These rings are usually thicker than the female rings. The next is diamond rings for men. These are a must-have, and our selection is no exception. Men's rings have evolved into more than simply symbols of devotion for engagement and wedding bands. Today, they are also being considered as stylish accessories. For a neat look, pick up a simple gold band with no additional design on it.  Solitary gold rings with colossal centre diamonds are ideal when you are in for creating a statement. Similarly, religious pattern rings are designed for those seeking a more spiritual touch. 

Our plain gold rings have timeless themes, so why not add one to your collection?

Explore Gold Fancy Rings with Weight

A flawless fancy gold ring design quickly elevates one's style and distinguishes her from the crowd. Women's gold rings in fancy designs are in no way inferior to precious stone jewellery. Our gold rings are classified according to their weight for a better understanding and shopping experience.

0 and 2 grams

The price of a gold ring in this weight range is always affordable.  For a pittance, you may have these trendy rings. In this collection, you'll find many eye-catching models, such as the 14k Cubic Zirconia Floral Ring and the 14k Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ring. Flip through our lightweight fancy gold ring segment to find the perfect ring for yourself.

2 to 6-gram range

Sleek and slender is the best description for these pieces. This weight range has over 100 items. The 22K Gleaming Infinity Gold Ring, 22K Pyramid Gold Band, and 22K Casting Gold Ring are worth mentioning.

6 grams and above

The price goes up with weight! These gold rings are adorned with elegant studded architectural structures and creative motifs. This weight range is used chiefly for fancy couple gold rings. Stunning pieces from this weight range are the 22K Tangent Couple Rings, the 22K Starry Affair CZ gold Ring etc.

Customised rings are also available with us. Our designing team can help you if you'd like something a little heavier for your finger.

No matter your budget, we will provide you with the most attractive fancy gold ring. We'll do our best to keep our word.

Trending Fancy Gold Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers

With the festivities just around the corner, you'll likely need to step up your jewellery game. It is a time of joyous celebration, and you want to show off your style at all the family feasts and company gatherings. Are you looking for a gold ring to compliment your bright getup? We've got your back on this one, too. You can wear a piece from our range of fancy gold rings to make a statement that is both classic and contemporary.

  • A plain gold ring is an excellent choice for a simple but beautiful design. It represents today's woman's confidence. This design is suitable for both casual and formal use.
  • We all know that the peacock pattern is timeless. For example, take a look at our 22K Radiant Mayur Gold Ring. It is beautifully decorated with stones in blue, green, and white shades. You may choose multicolour stones or basic white diamonds for your fancy gold ring. This pattern evokes a sense of majesty and power.
  • A magnificent gold ring bejewelled with tiny sparkling stones will elevate the wearer to the status of a princess. We are confident that when you wear one of our fancy stone-studded gold rings, you will get a barrage of compliments.
  • The attractiveness of gold is doubled when it includes a stylish motif without any embellishment. We have an incredible collection of fancy rings in gold featuring such themes. They look great with any outfit and are a great way to add a dash of elegance and sophistication. A few examples are the 22K Smiles Gold Ring, 22K Flower Power Gold Band or 22K Twisted Rope Gold Band. These designs seem to hold a finely sculpted gold on the gold pattern when seen closely.
  • Silvigo rings are another option for you if you're looking for a sophisticated fancy gold rings design. It is made of a lovely combination of gold, silver, and diamonds. As you feel the sensation and appearance of wearing them, notice how they communicate specifically to your mind, soul, and heart.

Our fancy take on couple gold rings is also equally inspiring. As thrilling as it seems, finding the ideal ring for your partner is no easy process. Choosing a ring is tricky, from browsing for styles and ideas online to bouncing from shop to store.

We'd accomplished just half of the mission when we presented the would-be couple with several incredible engagement gold rings designs. These sets are stunning, dapper, elegant, and perfect even for formal and informal post-wedding looks.

You no longer have to live in the same city to wear our latest fancy gold ring design. Say goodbye to hours spent searching for the ideal thing. Simply log on to Vaibhav Jewellers to enter a world of hassle-free shopping, where you can buy gold fancy rings from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to your doorstep in record time. We provide design and quality at more sustainable pricing.