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Are you looking for something unique? Are you looking for something a little different yet in keeping with the conventional engagement ring design? Are you on the lookout for a ring that has a little extra 'wow' factor? Then it would be best if you considered a gemstone design ring. While it may appear as though you have whittled down your options, you may have really increased them! There are several gemstones to choose from to adorn your finger. Ranging from an appealing new gemstone gold rings design set with emeralds to a ring embellished with blazing rubies.

We take pleasure in our expansive assortment of exquisite gemstones at Vaibhav Jewellers. Each gem is unique in terms of colour, cut, clarity, and size, which means we have something just for you, regardless of your budget or overall type of ring. There are many segments for males, like gemstone-encrusted gold rings for men, despite our jewellery category being predominantly geared toward female clientele.

Browse through our catalogue and pick your ring with just a few clicks.

Buy Plain and Simple Gemstone Ring Designs

Today a gemstone is considerably more than simply a birthstone specific component. The jewellery business has taken it to a whole new level. Multicoloured gemstone studded rings have taken the fashion world by storm. We have designed an extraordinary collection of plain gold rings embellished with single or multiple gemstones for those who believe in the philosophy that less is more. These jewellery pieces are enough to catch attention without overpowering things.

What about those who love maximalist design? Fret not. We have something for you as well.

Leave your delicate and subtle jewellery behind and go bold! Dazzling swanky gemstone rings for ladies are in vogue. These gold rings for women are the ideal way to inject drama and glamour into your evening ensembles, from huge stones to glistening designs. Whether you're wearing a little black dress or an exquisite silk gown in need of a bit of glitter, these gemstone design rings instantly improve any ensemble.

Choosing a plain gemstone ring allows you to wear it with any ensemble while retaining your individuality. However, do not be scared to experiment with a powerful hue if it is your thing.

Get Exclusive Deals on Gemstone Rings with Price

When choosing a ring from our wide selection of gemstone rings models, customers often pay close attention to a few key details to ensure the band is genuine and well-made. One is guaranteed the quality and purity of the gemstone rings at Vaibhav Jewellers. What sets us distinct from others is its dedication to maintaining honesty. The weight and price of each gemstone ring are shown under its specification. The gold karat and the details of the gemstones are also clearly indicated. It improves the trust factor among the consumers, and they feel protected. 

Making charges are included in the cost of any jewellery. Charges are typically represented as a percentage of the market price of gold at the time of purchase. As a result, you might find a gemstone ring price fluctuating from time to time. 

Apart from quality, the selection of patterns offered at Vaibhav is exceptionally astounding. We keep the classic touch intact, creatively modifying a ring with jewels. These, in particular, have a certain allure. A handful of them have small diamonds interwoven in them, offering an added dose of glitter.

We've designed an affordable collection of gemstone rings for everyone while allowing you to accessorise your look with precious stones and keep them dear, to your heart!

Latest Gemstone Rings Collections Online

You're thinking about buying a gemstone ring but aren't sure what to do with one. Or perhaps you currently own a piece that you'd want to integrate more frequently or in new ways. In any case, your fashion life is going to take a quantum leap forward.

We've compiled a selection of enticing gemstone ring designs for ladies that will undoubtedly become a staple piece of jewellery in your collection. Select your favourite show-stopper by scrolling down.

A gemstone ring from Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the most stunning and adaptable pieces of jewellery you can add to your collection. It imparts sophistication; it imparts attitude; it imparts individuality.

When you're not trying to look your best, gemstone jewellery like gemstone gold rings with pearl can elevate your ensemble without costing a fortune. Whether you're going on a first date, a business meeting, or just a great meal out, you'll want to wear some exquisite gemstone jewellery. How about trying something from our diamond rings for women collection. Now we leave that to you!

Explore Plain Gemstone Rings with Weight

Buying gemstone rings for girls is simple when the quality, weight, and price are specified. Vaibhav Jewellers is known for its transparency. Check out our gemstone ring price and weight if you want one for yourself.

Gold gemstone rings are flexible, eye-catching, and easy to wear. However, do you know that their pricing depends on the gemstone's clarity and purity of metal? Yes, the heavier it is, the pricey it will be. 

Because gemstones vary in hardness, cleavage, and fracture, not all are acceptable for use in jewellery. Some stones are better suited to delicate jewellery like earrings and pendants than more robust jewellery like bracelets and rings.

Harder stones should be used in jewellery meant to be worn casually, such as rings and bracelets. In comparison, softer stones can be used in jewellery intended to be worn daily, such as earrings or a gemstone locket.

Trending Gemstone Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers

Choose a gemstone ring design that appeals to your style while making your purchase. We present a wide variety of gemstone rings models to pick from, including band, cluster, cocktail, antique rings, to name a few examples. Your jewellery specialist can help you select the style that best suits your style.

Diamond engagement rings have long been a symbol of everlasting love. Diamonds are the world's most durable jewel, having a 10/10 grade on the MOHS gemstone hardness scale. So diamonds are not only beautiful but also durable. 

As a result, we offer a broad range of diamond rings for women, each with its own feminine, smooth, subtle, or downright elegant design. Take a cue from our floral gold rings decked in diamonds that highlight a blend of both trends and tradition. In the 20th century, men's wedding bands began to take off. The millennial generation has reimagined the engagement ring tradition. As a result, they're adopting diamond rings for men. When it comes to women proposing marriage, it's not unheard of. 

The boundaries between men and women and the traditional roles they play are becoming increasingly blurred. Gemstone engagement rings are gaining popularity despite the diamond's meaning and power.

There are several reasons why couples prefer couple gold rings embellished with gemstones over diamonds. Still, the primary one is because colourful gemstones emphasise uniqueness more than diamonds, as colours have more rich connotations. Whether they desire an engagement ring in their favourite hue or a colour that means something significant to them, everyone has a gem.

Emerald-studded fancy gold rings are a reliable and sturdy choice for engagement rings. While these stones are lovely for nature enthusiasts, they also symbolise good health, balance, and security.

Some of our gemstone pearl engagement ring designs give a subtle elegance. With a contemporary colour palette and a deep shine, these stunning gemstone gold rings with pearl will enhance the beauty of all skin tones.

If you want a more vibrant colour, our gemstone black beads designs ring is a solid choice. This perfectly spherical sculpture comes alive with a touch of love and captures the richest sunset. To anchor your appearance, pair these gemstone gold rings with a pendant.

One of the most recent additions to our gemstone ring line is the gold Navratna ring. Sanskrit compound term Navaratna means "Nine Gems (Nava)" or "Nine Ratnas."   It's awe-inspiring to see multicoloured gemstones encased in gold with an ornate setting. These rings make a statement piece. So, save them for special occasions.

Our rings for ladies are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 15, while the rings for men are available in sizes ranging from 18 to 24. 

There's nothing wrong with deviating from the norm. This is your ring-a a ring that signifies love, being loved and being oneself. So, choose a gemstone ring from Vaibhav Jewellers that is as unique as you are.                                                                                                      

FAQs For Gemstone Rings

What are gemstone rings?

Gemstone rings are those that feature precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, the oriental cats-eye, diamonds, or pearls.

How much does a gold gemstone ring cost?

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you can get gorgeous gemstone ring designs by spending only a few thousand. Our range is categorised into two price points:  ₹10,000 and over ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 and above ₹30,000.

Where to buy gemstone gold rings online for couples?

Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the most reliable places to buy gold gemstone rings online for couples.

What are the most common types of gemstone rings?

Diamond. It is, unsurprisingly, the most sought-after gem for rings. Next in line are ruby, emerald and pearl.